Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Want to watch SDA on live streaming?

Really? Are you sure? Even without Hyun Joong? Or you're expecting that there might be a video of him?

Alrighty, I'm giving the link. ^^ Good thing that Mariposa and I were 'talking' about it and she gave me the link where to watch the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards. Much thanks again dear Mariposa for providing the link.

Date : Sep 11 (friday) at 6:30 PM
Venue : Olympic Hall in Olympic Park
Live brodacast : KBS2 TV

Yeah, you read it right it's on KBS2 TV and it's not available on TVAnts. But don't worry here's where you can watch it ~


or [thanks to finkle]

Good luck though. I'm pretty sure traffic will be heavy.

Oh yeah, if you want to know what time 6:30 PM [Seoul time] is in your country, click HERE.


finkle said...

Hi Liezle, thanks for the info! I was just wondering how to watch.. but there's an error msg "Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct."

Do you know how to resolve it? haha i am treating u like a technical expert now :) Thanks!

finkle said...

Oh liezle, i found another link for KBS2TV,

This works for me :) Hope I can catch the boys this fri!

Kele said...

hi Finkle, i also can't play from WMP. it shows the same comment as your's.

for the other link u provided, i did checked it out but nothing was displayed at the player for now so i'm not sure if it will work for me tomorrow.

well i'm keeping my fingers and toes cross that it will work out well tomorrow.

thanks for the link and thanks for liezle for posting it.


quizzy said...

thanks finkle,

i can actually access it!! hahaha:)

thanks too liezle!

wen0607 said...

Liezle, thanks for the link ^^

So sad I can't watch it online...
My home pc is down, I think I can only get back my pc by next week....T.T

Anyway, thanks for the links given ^^

finkle said...

Hi Liezle, I think those people who have KBS world on Cable TV would be able to watch too.. Singapore will be showing it live on that channel.. EXCITED :D

Anonymous said...

i tried both link but can't seem to be able to access it. D: any idea what to do? thanks!

Anonymous said...

i tried both link too, it just can't works. do i need to re adjust the seetings of internet explorer or?