Monday, October 01, 2012

[Article] Jung Min Cautions in Speaking About SS501 Future Plans

There are so many article about Jung Min that can be found in Naver and Daum regarding his most recent activities in Japan for the ROMEO 2nd Contact. The articles talk so much about his performance in EBISU LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo, his plan for his October activities in Korea, he talked about Kyu Jong and the supposed plans of SS501 to reunite (which other members talked about as well after Kyu Jong enlisted for his mandatory military requirement).

Ok, hold your horses! We all know that reunion will not happen anytime soon because of each member's commitment as a solo artist and their impending mandatory military duty in which Kyu Jong already went ahead of the others. But the members have talked about this and they even mentioned this in several of their individual interviews. No matter what other say, certified TS certainly wait for this time to happen, right? And I believe that what they promised before they went solo is not an empty promise.

Here is an article I lifted from that came out yesterday together with  tons of articles about Jung Min.  Much thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.

Btw, this article may elicit different reactionstfrom fans. I am already cautioning everyone to please keep this post at peace. Otherwise... ^-^ I really hope that no one would start giving negative comments that would brew into not so good discussions.    Let's keep it calm, let's wait, and just see how things will be in the future. There is nothing to lose, yah?


[Article] SS501 Had a Meeting to Reunite the Group?
Lifted from OhKPop

Will SS501, the idol group that use to have five members, be able to reunite? After their contract terminated with DSP Media in 2010, each member signed with different entertainment agencies and have all been doing their own thing. Recently however, the rumors of the reunification of Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng, and Kim Kyu Jong have been drawing attention in the music industry.

After leaving DSP Media, the members of SS501 all stated clearly that they were not breaking up. Last August, it has been reported that the members discussed hopeful thoughts of a reunification when they all met before Kim Kyu Jong left for the Korean military. Just like the legendary group ShinHwa, SS501 is drawing attention as they are showing hopes of reuniting after years of separation.

Park Jung Min expressed his careful thoughts of a reunification during an interview with eNEWS after his showcase of “Give Me Your Heart” in Tokyo, which followed his official Japanese debut. Park Jung Min stated, “It’s true that all the members got together before Kyu Jong left for the military. As we all emphasized before, we never broke up so all of us have continuing hopes of reuniting.”

However, Park Jung Min was careful in speaking about the details of possible future plans for SS501. Park Jung Min added, “There is a member who is in the military currently and the rest of the members are still under contract with different agencies so it’s very difficult to announce anything specific. However, just like the SS501 fans who have been hoping for a reunification, we the members, are thinking the same thing.”

SS501 debuted back in 2005. Within 5 years, SS501 released a total of 18 mini-albums and digital singles. The most popular hit songs include songs like, “Love Like This”, “U R Man”, “Love Ya”, “Promise to Promise” as well as soundtrack songs for the famous drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

After the contract with SS501 terminated, leader Kim Hyun Joong signed with Key East Entertainment which is the agency of Bae Yong Joon. Park Jung Min signed with A&R Entertainment, which is the company related with the international musical instrument company, Yamaha. Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng joined B2M Entertainment wihle Kim Hyung Jun signed with S-Plus Entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Assurance and hope! SS501 & Ts are forever as one! The day will come. We will forever stand behind our boys and support them! <3

Anonymous said...

I wanted to cry. At least I know that we are thinking the same and our ultimate goal is the same. I believe in them!

Anonymous said...

Good luck for five of them ^^

Chara said...

Why should there be any kind of discussions about this article? There is nothing new in it and I don't find any worthwhile controversial issue to be discussed.

Anyway: "Let's wait and see. Just keep our faith in them." That's exactly my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle for sharing this.
I appreciate the effort that you put here.
Your blog has been my source of SS501.

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting. They are the first K idols that i like. I know that they will not disappoint us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article..

We will patiently wait for the return of our 5 Men! SS501 is LOVE!

Anonymous said...

this just made my day!! i'm so happy!! ^^
SS501 really means soo much to me, and i hope the day that we TS all waiting for will come faster~ keke
SS501 forever :D

Anonymous said...

It means a lot for TS. It gives us some hope again and strengthen it. Just believe in them. SS501 fighting!

Anonymous said...

SS501 always be the one for me..even 10,20 n 30 years i will wait

Ling said...

All TS,

While we're happy to hear that SS501 may be united again, please do not forget to keep visiting our boys past music videos, variety shows recording and any other recording in youtube, dailymotion or anywhere that you may find. Recently, I felt terrrible saddened that the viewers and comments in their past music video had stop and most of it dated so long ago in 2009,2010 and only a handful in 2011. Please keep visiting these sites to show your support for our boys

Mishelle said...

ling, don't be silly. you can't possibly be serious about the comments! anyway which are the videos you were looking at? if you look at the official ones uploaded by DSP on youtube, like for eg the love ya MV, there are still many recent comments.

Anonymous said...

Each member were giving their own opinion and statements regarding to the get together again...i think Park Jung Min has confirmed the statements....we'll just wait and see aight!!

Anonymous said...

I will gladly wait and see. The wait will be long though, but, regardless, I am happy to wait. I love the member's solo activities, and not forgetting SS501's music. Just miss the five as one. Love Park Jung Min/Romeo.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and wait.It's free to do so.In the meantime support your biases with no pain in your hearts.

Anonymous said...

It's just lip service. You guys believe him? Long time i watched him. He can say lie easily and backstab even his members for benefit of his own.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:07 AM
I think there's some truth to what he's saying cuz YS said something along those lines too not too long ago.

Anonymous said...

Eh? No, the 5 of them said it at one time or the other. Some more than once. I think it will take more time than we would like, but it will happen.