Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Young Saeng Said to be in 'Lyrics & Music' 2nd Season

I am certain that when the news about Young Saeng participating in MBC's 'Music and Lyrics'  came out many got excited because the show is a romantic reality program in which an actress and a male singer-songwriter get together to make one special song within 30 days. This show is being aired every Sunday at 5PM (KST)

Though we still have to get confirmation from B2M, I went out and check the show 'Music and Lyrics' which started airing in April of this year.

On its first season, the reality show had the following partnership (lifted from Soompi):

1st Partnership : Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun (Brown Eyes)
2nd Partnership : Kim So Eun and Lee Jun Ho (2PM)
3rd Partnership : Lee Si Young and Jay Park
4th Partnership : Park Jin Hee and John Park

Second season started in August with Koyote's Kim Jongmin and Nine Muses partnership. Second partnership for the second season is After School's Juyeon and Lee Tae Sung.

From the tweet translated by @TingTingLoveKyu it is not clear what Young Saeng will be doing in the show.  The tweet says : 'Heo Young Saeng will be partipating in the show "Music & Lyrics" on 13th & 18th Oct RT : [영생] MBC뮤직 -10/13&18 - 그여자 작사 그남자 작곡 시즌'

Let's cross our fingers that details will be out soon and that Young Saeng will be participating in in the show in full.

Would you like Young Saeng to be in a reality show? Hmm, who could be Young Saeng partnering with?

Ei, I am anticipating.


Anonymous said...

is it always male/female partnering?

Why not male/male or female/female? The aim is the song isn't it?

I have a great partnering in mind... ^_^

Anonymous said...

really excited for this!!

Anonymous said...

Kyaaaa! If it's a romantic partnership then it is really excitinggggg! ^^ Haha! I am anticipating too! Young Saeng in a reality just sound so fun!! Thanks for sharingggg! (:

Anonymous said...


I like Moon Geun Young.... that would be awesome!


Anonymous said...

omagawd~ that would be awesome!!! i was a bit dissapointing when he appeared shortly for running man back i can see him in a variety show!!! :D i hope in this show he participate fully...and YS creating songs live is a must watch for with a girl celebrity~ i am soo excited right now!!! ^o^

Anonymous said...

Please make it Moon Geun Young!!! because Young Saeng really likes her. Really wanted to see how will YS acts infront of her ideal girl. :D

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng will get more nervous in front of Moon Geun Young!Andwaeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

ok Today B2M advised that YS is singing the song, not acting. I'm still happy to know him singing in the program. I also hope that he can have more concerts in Korea, Japan and other place and release of his concert DVD. Support him forever!!

Anonymous said...

why they just advised him singing the song and not acting...? just a waste because he's also a good actor as we knew before... just he less shows up like others members... huhu:(

Anonymous said...

Me too!! But it seems like he is just helping out his hyung in the show, not really partnering any one.