Monday, October 01, 2012

[Vids] More Performances of Jung Min from ROMEO 2nd Contact by startwinkle

Woot! Woot!

Overload of Jung Min's performance during ROMEO 2nd Contact in Tokyo. Heaps of thanks to for sharing the following.  Do check them out quick because I don't know if the vid will stay long in the site.

Do enjoy them. 

Taste the Fever

Dream Out Loud


Hide and Seek Love

Tonight the Night

Much thanks to veggiedelight for the links! Should have posted them much earlier.


Anonymous said...

Amazing performance & love all the songs! Can't wait for the CDs to be released.

Anonymous said...

Awesomely amazing!!! Min looks great! Anyone knows or can share the link where I could preorder the CDs?

Anonymous said...

He is indeed our sexy charisma! *q*

ys said...

Hide and Seek Love was my favorite among the UStream songs. I didn't even know the title of the song til now, and here we get to see this stunningly beautiful performance thanks to startwinkle501, veggiedelight and Liezle. Thank you all so much.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm... i want to be impressed. but... no spark yet. maybe it is the choice of songs?