Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jung Min to Try Different Genre in November

As it was on Twitter last night because Jung Min (@JungMin0403) and Kim Zuwan (@zuwanking ) tweeted, news portals reported their tweets and are in several portals this morning.

From the news posted in several entertainment portals, it was said that Jung Min will be showing off his acoustic and emotional side as he collaborates with Viva Soul's member Kim Zuwan as the former makes his comeback in November.

An hour after Zuwan tweeted a photo of him and Jung Min with a caption of "Park Jung Min with Zuwan. My acoustic collaboration with Park Jung Min! Please look forward to Park Jung Min′s new song and new style, which I′ll have a part in!" (, Jung tweeted "Today is day of comeback album (making)~! Recording Acoustic version!! Thankfully, Juwan is around to help~!! thanks thanks~~!!^^ Gave me another nice song~^^ don't lean~~appreciate your understanding!!"(@xiaochu1004 in Twitter)

@zuwanking shared the photo on the left and 
@JungMin0403 attached  the one on the right to his tweet

With the upcoming collaboration with Kim Zuwan who is known for his hip hop, bosanova and electronic rock genres (click HERE to listen to Viva Soul's song feat WheeSung), Jung Min will be trying out the acoustic ballad genre.

We have heard Jung Min doing bosanova in 'Everyday is Christmas' (click HERE to listen) from his 'Not Alone' album which I believe he did a wonderful job. I am quiet certain that this new genre,  Jung Min will be showing with us his versatility as a singer and will amaze us again.

Fans are waiting for Jung Min's comeback in Korea after almost a year of not having any activities in his home country.

Let's look all forward to this and cheer for Jung Min's success.


Charmaine said...

not sure if its hair or what but i find him getting skinnier. how is that possible! he needs to fatten up. SERIOUSLY. </3

Anonymous said...

Agree with you. I think 10 lbs in the right places. It's one thing to be lanky, another to be too skinny. Wishing JM much success.

Anonymous said...

A change of music style is what he needs. He has a wonderful rich warm voice. Hope he fares well!!!

Anonymous said...

He put on some weight during Rpmeo 2nd contact n looks amazing. But in a week after he returned to Korea, he seemed to lost weight again. I hope it's just the picture angle. :(

I'm looking forward to the new album. Jung Min fighting!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

I love Everyday is Christmas. I'll be anticipating with excitement for the new song/album! Fighting!

Anonymous said...

Yes me too!!! A very heart warming song~