Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hyun Joong's Departure and Arrival 10.03.12

Hyun Joong left S Korea via Gimpo Airport with fans surrounding as he went to Japan for 'City Conquest' press conference tomorrow at Budokan.  Hours after, he arrived Haneda with Jeong Yu Mi where many fans gathered again to welcome them.

There have been quite a number of photos shared on Twitter but they are not in good quality.  I will just share this one photo of Hyun Joong from Gimpo courtesy of the tweet of  @khjbelinda.

Lifted from the tweet of @rainaftershine

Here is a video at Gimpo from

Another one from of

This one is courtesy of 's YouTube channel.

Thanks to  of rainaftershine for tweeting the link.  Please DO NOT edit and/or re-upload video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

And here is the arrival of Hyun Joong at Haneda with Jeong Yu Min lifted from the YouTube channle of

from the tweet of @_tomato99


Anonymous said...

Speechless.... So handsome Hyun Joong... It's really good to see you;) Hyun Joong looks lose his weight so slim. I really want to see HJ with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

Heard there were more than 1,000 fans at haneda last night! Even if it was raining and coming up typoon so bad weather at japan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle,

Here's another link for you.

121003 Kim Hyun Joong(김현중)-Gimpo & Haneda for City Conquest Promotion

Anonymous said...

He looks sooo gorgeous...but feel sad mr jeong was not with him anymore.

Anonymous said...

He seems so tired.He needs his privacy.Poor Hyun Joong.

Ling said...

@ Anon 9.25 am

Hi. Just want to know more about Hyun Joong's Bodyguard. Why do you said Mr Jeong is no longer with him anymore. I must miss out some news here. Please provide your updates. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Sorry to dissapoint u with the news. Mr jeong is no longer khj bogyguard. Keyeast didnt renew his contract. I miss mr jeong. He was like a bro to khj. Sad isnt ? Wish him all the best though.