Sunday, October 14, 2012

[Pix] Young Saeng & Ji Bin 10.11.12

It was known last Thursday, 11th of October, that Young Saeng played soccer with Park Ji Bin also in the field.

Two days after, photos of them are being shared by Best Friend [] in their website.

Here are the photos that I lifted for everyone's enjoyment. Much thanks to @bestys1103 for the heads-up in Twitter.

Btw, Young Saeng and Ji Bin are well covered in the field, I heard that temperature in S Korea dropped drastically over the past few days.  Yesterday the temperature dropped to 9° celsius.

Before I end this post, B2M already announced that Young Saeng will only be singing in MBC's 'Music & Lyrics'. So that is it. I guess all hope of us that he will be participating in partnership just went down the drain.  Thanks to Anonymous for the info in one of the comment boxes and to veggiedelight as well for the email.


Mishelle said...

lovely pic of hyung and dongsaeng!

Anonymous said...

So cute both of them^^
I wonder who will be his partner? Excited :D

Anonymous said...

YS is so handsome! Love the pictures a lot. Thanks very much Liezle for the posting^^

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute!
If jibin were any older He'd be a part of an idol group, and he'd be youngsaengs Bestfriend in the Kpop idol world much like jaejoong and hyunjoong...!
Love love lie jibin!
Wuru bedimpled Shy otter prince is utterly adorable! D

Ling said...

YS looks so cute and innocent. He can blend in with the teenagers or younger kids if he wants to. But his height sure makes him stand out among them

Anonymous said...

aww~ so cute both of them..YS must love ji bin so much since he don't have brother.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

young saeng and jibin so adorable, that's why i adore you young saeng:) and i hope you will more active in entertainment like the others members.. i really hope people will recognize you more... please sangie,enjoy with your career like before... showoff yourself:)

* aishhhhh, i hope he can visit this blog and read this comment:(

Anonymous said...

@9.54am Totally agreed with you and same worries here. I don't feel his agency loves him or support him with resources. Even when he has albums and concerts, no promotion at all and his schedule is always empty. Compared with the time of "Let it Go" and now.... I feel that he has to change to a better agency like S-Plus which will treasure the artist and provide opportunities... what a waste for possessing the best artist and singer :-(