Tuesday, October 09, 2012

S/Tweet Treats from Jung Min 10.09.12

After several weeks, Jung Min finally sets his footprints on Twitter again.

About an hour ago Jung Min posted three long tweets. I tried deciphering his tweets but couldn't get the message. Finally, birthday girl @xiaochu1004 translated Jung Min's tweets and shared on Twitter. Heaps of thanks again xiaochu!

Below is Jung Min's funny tweet: 
Park Jung Min ‏@JungMin0403

Went to a mountain valley hot spring for our family trip, but met with a sudden huge storm. Hurriedly took the cable car down...but passing by the mountain ridge and arrived in a village. And suddenly that was where father and sister got down. There were no cars around.. I was caught off guard and followed them down.

And I was following father and sister and they were heading to the toilet. And the moment I was so taken aback by it, I knew it was a dream and woke up. Phew~! And when I woke up, I went to the toilet... Heard a noise inside

'go away! Go away!' Sister and JumRye were inside.. (Maybe JumRye was like being tortured) I asked mother how about the other toilet...'oh~father is inside!' She said, so I had to go to 2nd storey to use the toilet and I burst out laughing. A precognition dream that shows this fast~! And it's the same!!

After Jung Min shared with us the above tweets, he tweeted us to give us an update about this comeback. It seems to have recorded today.
Park Jung Min ‏@JungMin0403

Today is day of comeback album (making)~! Recording Acoustic version!! Thankfully, Juwan is around to help~!! thanks thanks~~!!^^ Gave me another nice song~^^ don't lean~~appreciate your understanding!!^^

And here is another photo of Jung Min taken from today's recording tweeted by @zuwanking and retweeted by yangyang0402.


Anonymous said...

I was trying too but I really couldn't gasp what he was trying to say for the 3rd tweet. Really BIG thanks to XiaoChu for sharing the translation on her twitter. And thanks Liezle for sharing them here.

This crazy guy. He really cracks me up!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHHAAA... I couldn't stop laughing... this is so funny!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Comebacl album!!!! I can't wait!!! So excited! Yeee haaa!!!

Anonymous said...

so funny..did jung min also 4D?SS COMEBACK always deabak no matter what..

Anonymous said...

JumRye being tortured in the toilet???!!!! O_O. Oh nooo.... What had JM's noona done??!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Jungmin is so cute to tweet about his dream. But it sounds really interesting. And of course, I can't wait for his comeback album! it's been a really long time since his Not Alone album! ^^

Lilue said...

Is it just me or does Jung Min looked really really thin in these pictures..?