Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Vid & Pix] Hyung Jun's Interview with SINA

Much thanks to @cll_slam10 re-tweeting the YouTube link that @rainieangel shared in Twitter as well as the photos that you will see below.  Thanks as well to for sharing this video on her YouTube channel.  I don't understand a think but I hope English translation of this Hyung Jun's Sina interview will be shared later. (weeee.... you may read translation HERE thanks @wangziqi for the tip)


Anonymous said...

i've read the translation for this article. and i really love it.^^ uri maknae is so sweet and is a very good hyung to his brother ^^ junnie, i want to see your comeback next year with kibum.:D

Anonymous said...

I love reading artical about Baby he says the sweetest thing and he never forgets to mention ss501and maks us TS all happy

ys said...

Pretty boy indeed.