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[Highlights & Pix] Hyun Joong @ 'City Conquest' Event in Budokan 10.04.12

The press conference at Budokan ended and many fans are happy again because they were able to see Hyun Joong on stage.  As for us fans not in Japan, we are so grateful for the live updates in Twitter and Weibo.  Super thanks to everyone for doing this.

For those who missed the live updates in any of the nice tweeps in Twitter, I will be shoving here the tweets that came from @baebb who are translating posts from Weibo and I believe from some other tweeps she's following.

Here is the live update from @baebb over at Twitter.  
  • 4D HJ has turned 8D ^^ he told the audience to eat & drink well... i.e. keep well so that they can spend 100th anniversary together ^o^
  • and oh, seems like there's already droolworthy scenes in ep1 of City Conquest #^.^# (topless...?)
  • "I, Baek Mir, love her and will live as her husband and I promise to never ever let her cry." ahhhh.... leader who loves so deeply...!
  • they also showed the boat scene with kissing footage...
  • and.... HJ said the character he plays is someone with a very hard and painful life~
  • HJ: in my mind, i remember dressing up in woman's clothes during a concert back in 2005. it's been a long time since i last dressed up as a woman. it's a rather big sacrifice for the drama... oh well, so long as everyone enjoys watching it... everyone, do look forward to it.
  • emcee asked Jung Yumi and PD about their views regarding HJ dressed up as a woman. HJ got somewhat shy (embarrassed?) as he was listening...
  • Yumi: there were many fans around during the filming, but he wasnt affected nor got embarrassed and carried out his acting. (bb: the chinese characters didnt appear properly here, so i cant translate... ^.^;)
  • PD: i already thought he'a really very good-looking man when we first met. after some contact, i feel he's very masculine... and after drinking with him, i feel he has a good personality and is very humorous! (i too wanna drink with leader!!)
  • Q: What's the highlight of this drama? HJ: ... A lot of effort was put into filming the kissing scenes...
  • seems like the sneaks of the drama hinted that there's more than just kissing in that boat scene... (rock the boat, baby, lol!)
  • heard he's clad in all black, making him look even taller and leaner.
  • City Conquest said to have 20 epis~
  • said atmos is v v high during HJ's performance~
  • heard HJ seems to have prepared quite abit for the event and his japanese seems to have improved some ^^
  • fans readied themselves with green lightsticks and like always, created the marvelous sea of green ^^
  • chinese fan aaron9999KHJ snuck a photo for us ^^
  • he will release full album in japan come december..?!!'
  • .... will release a photobook in japan come december too...?!!
  • ended.... he'd always give 90-degree bow at the end, each and every time without fail. am always touched whenever i see him do this.
  • the singing segment was fabulous tonight. a little different from the previous times. he even sang a song that he'd never sung live before. the emcee said this when everyone's leaving the hall, 'it's raining outside.'
  • during the last segment of Lucky Guy encore, it's different from the past. it's really fantastic and everyone enjoyed it to the max.
    at the part "every body, every every body, move your body, move move your body...', HJ must have sung it to us at least 20-over times.
    he even made the gesture of 'shhhhh....' to quiet everyone. he then lowered his voice and sang in a very soft voice, 'every...move...' and got everyone to sing in a similar manner. there's alot of fan interaction!
  • on bed scene....Jung Yumi: Is everyone upset? HJ: It's alright, it's just acting, acting.... never mind.
  • Jung Yumi also said quite abit towards the end. basically she had said tonight was fantastic, and she also felt sensed a strong realization that HJ is a singer (as well as an actor). earlier HJ had disappeared from the stage, so she asked, 'where did you go?' HJ: practise with the band. Yumi: what about later? where to next? HJ: practise with the band #^.^#
  • after a certain song, HJ asked, 'what time is it now? 9pm? The agreement with Budokan is till 9pm. gotta close at 9pm.'someone in the audience said, 'no such thing!'he gave a very hearty laugh and said, 'no such thing?' and went on to sing the next song....oh alright, go ahead and prank on us... ^o^
  • they also played a making clip, which included BTS.
  • they had shown how the actual filming was done for the action scene which was shown to us earlier. the combat scenex and all were all real.
  • there were also snippets of the cast talking. HJ had said that those seemingly dangerous actions and scenes ain't really so dangerous.
  • i (neko) feel he's comforting us and trying to assure us so that we dont worry. there was a scene where he was held up by ropes at the top of a building, it looked scary.
  • the clip ended with a kiss. and there was also a quick flash of a bed scene. shot from the outside through white see-through curtains. only captured from the neck up. he was on top of her and they were really close to each other. cant be sure if they're about to kiss or just looking into each other's eyes. jt was really a flash of a scene and raced past very quickly.had they deliberately ended both clips like this to bring everyone's emotions to a high?
  • SPOILER ALERT :(honeymoon bed scene on the boat...?) the couple was kindda shy initially and snuck looks at each other and their eyes met a few times... shyly...
  • then HJ suddenly leaned over to kiss JYM, and they separated... looked into each other's eyes and started kissing really passionately.
  • hee, read that HJ did well in this scene. well, what did i tell you? this chap specialises in (actual) sleeping scenes and kissing scenes, lol!
  • did you know some chinese fans nicknamed him 'vacuum cleaner kim'...? obvious why so, ya? (he sucks like one when he kisses... niiiiiiice!)
  • at the end of the event, emcee said at his count of 123, HJ, JYM and PD were to say City Conquest (in korean), and the fans would shout 'fighting!' then HJ said, 'City Conquest (in japanese) will do too.'so emcee counted 1-2-3, the trio said City Conquest. in japanese and the audience in the entire hall said in one voice, 'fighting!'
That's all for the highlights... THANKS again @baebb! Also would like to thank aaron9999KH and  王小猫neko and  Cheong情晴 of weibo as well as everyone who shared, be it in Twitter and Weibo.

And here are few more from the event.

The event is not all talks, Hyun Joong treated the fans with some songs using live band.  He sang Do You Like That, Lucky Guy, I'm Your Man, Please, Creep (yes Creep by Radiohead!) and few more (i know I miss some though... sorry).

Wow,  fans must have enjoyed the evening with Hyun Joong, right?

With the highlight above... TADA! Now here comes high quality photos. 

Sharing with you here are nicely taken photos once again from MurdererQ. Loads and loads of thanks!

These photos just made my day. ^_^ Waah, look at that Hyun Joong is looking buff! Evidence can be seen clearly in his arms, shoulders and chest despite the leather (?) and dark color.

Check these out! But PLEASE... DO NOT EDIT the photos.

Photos by MurdererQ
Lifted from MurdererQ's Baidu Acct

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Now, I am ddding here 'HEAT' and 'Creep' performance of Hyun Joong lifted from the YouTube channel of  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

You must add this. I heard HJ's all perfomances with rock band not with dancer. HJ said he want to show fans band perfomances. I'm so proud of you HyunJoong!!!

Anonymous said...

Really love the updates. Thanks for the news of Kim Hyun Joong, dear liezle, and baebb as well. btw, Murderer's photos are always wonderful

Anonymous said...

It's really the KIM HYUN JOONG SHOW.One plus factor in getting him do the drama he does the entertainment part as well and HOW!

Anonymous said...

Daebak hyunjoongie! You should hear his rendition of 'Creep'! It's awesome and he really has improved tremendously with his English pronunciation^^^ Love you, baby!

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the statement that KHJ specializes in kissing and bed scenes. And what did the Chinese call him? Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle. Your post is so updated. Cured my longing for any KHJ good news.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Leizle for such a details update Love it so much. Can't wait to see the drama. I must admit that it 's going to be hard to see Hyun Joong love scene kekeke. I hope I will like Jung Yu Mee after seeing the drama. I always end up love Hyun Joong's leading ladies for his past dramas and TV's show.

Anonymous said...

OK dear, it was one crazy day with all the TT but oh sooooo good to see Hj in action - muscle/body/kissing all goes as long as we can see him. thanks for gathering all for us. Vacuum Kim... honey no matter how as long as we can droll on those steamy scenes coming our way.....can't wait to see CC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle. The best updates so far. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Cant wait to watch cc...

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy seeing HJ again. I can't stand a day of not reading updates about him.

I admire HJ for always thinking outside of the box when putting on events for his fans. It was great seeing him do his thing on stage with the live band behind him. "Do you like that" sounded amazing. I hope fans enjoy his rocker side so that the true HJ can come out sooner. I love his version of "Creep" and I do think that he has the voice for rock ballads.

HJ, keep on rocking the stage!

Anonymous said...

Love HyunJoong's stage..

Anonymous said...

This man proves he can rock with creep. The live band and his rocking performance shows that he is slowly becoming Him. Dont ever step backwards. Dont torture yourself with something that is never you. You told the story countless times how you came for the audition with a guitar on ur are slowly becoming the rocker that u want to be. Go n show us...

Ling said...

Wow, thank you Liezle for this article. Feels like I'm at scene too with HJ and the fans. So enjoyable reading this article. HJ is the best.