Thursday, October 11, 2012

[Pix] Hyung Jun Back In S Korea 10.11.12

Though I know many already know about these stuff the I am sharing, I am still posting them here just in case some just happen to logon just now.

Hyung Jun came back to S Korea after spending two days in Japan this morning.

Check out Hyung Jun's airport fashion today from the photos tweeted by @juyeun31. Thank you!

Few hours after Hyung Jun arrived he shared a tweet that seems like he is pissed off.
HyungJunKim ‏@HyungJun87

요새 동생들은 인사를 참 눈치보면서 살금살금 피한단 말이야... 오늘 목동에서 너무 화가나네. . 내 눈앞에 띄지 말아줘요 동생님드을~^^

The tweets seems to be referring to some hoobaes (junior in the field) that belongs to an idol group who evaded and disregarded him who is a sunbae.

As a refresher or for those who are not familiar with the terms sunbae (선배) and hoobae (후배), sunbae is a word that refers to people with more experience (at work, school, etc), and hoobae refers to people with less experience. Generally, hoobaes have to use jondaetmal (존댓말) honorific language to sunbaes, meaning they have to speak very politely and treat them with respect. 

In Korean, not following any of the honorific sunbae/hoobae rules or showing disrespect is considered as an extremely rude behavior. There are idol groups and members who have been underfire because of this sunbae/hoobae rules.

Anyway, after Hyung Jun's tweet,  at the end of his tweet, he was still able to give a smile... ~^^.

Hmm, I wonder what really happened?


Anonymous said...

i really love to see his style ^^
hmm,i wonder who's the group?

Anonymous said...

Me too, I wonder what really happened because Jun does not seem to be the type of person that gets mad/upset easily. On the other hand, he is looking great! I really like this style =)

Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun is looking great. His style lately is really good.

I saw an english translation of his tweet and to be honest I couldn't understand it. I know people are saying that it means he was disrespected by juniors but, from his other tweets he didn't seem too upset. Could it be that the disrespect wasn't directed at him but something he saw happening to another senior?

Anonymous said...

Actually popularity is more higher than the rules of sunbae/hoobae in this most competitive entertainment. I remember some videos that hoobae idol group Infinite ignore Kyu Jong but they bow to Hyun Joong very politely. I think they are wrong. They are very rude hoobae. But in reality, that is fact.

Mishelle said...

wow serious, thats double standard! how can they do this to wuri kyu? really shows alot about their mentality and maturity. then again these young kids, what do they know? totally need to be taught a lesson!

Anonymous said...

that's just wrong~ respect people that are famous only?? i pity kyu..
some idols and even rookies are just too annoying ~.~
that's why i stick to SS501 only!! keke ;p

Anonymous said...

anon 8:41
i saw that video,oh..poor kyu =(
by the way,i love maknae style ^^..hmm,wonder, who's the junior?
why they didn't respect to maknae?

Anonymous said...

i think it' U-Kiss! Read it on twitter. Band name was not disclosed but since it was spelled as "x-xxxx" with the following descriptions such as idols with 7 members and initials of the two so called singers are E and K. Another thing is that the fan who saw it explained on twitter that hyung jun helped that group years ago. So sad.. SS501 is still the best! very respectfully and very very humble. They are so famous yet it never got into their very humble head. Kudos to SS501! God blees them..

Anonymous said...

what?! infinite ignore our kyu?! hmm.. Young saeng said that they always pay respect as well as Beast but they did ignore our Kyu Jong?! Some of them really needs to learn from their seniors. Might as well watch their senior's videos and learn how to respect! By the way, Kyu Jong is famous. I hate reading this kind of news.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 6;37 I think its Ukiss becuse they had a radio show the same day Jun did his redio.It really sad if it's really Ukiss

Anonymous said...

@6.02pm which video are u referring to? aishhh... they didn't respect to uri kyu jong... mm i really want to watch the video

Anonymous said...

and if infinite not respect kyu jong. how about these recent news
"SS501 Young Saeng spotted supporting Infinite @ Summer Concert" ... is he has friends among infinite members.. just curious:(

Anonymous said...

@9.11pm this video,it's sad to see that.kyu even bow to them.