Friday, October 05, 2012

[Vid] Hyun Joong Back in S Korea 10.05.12

Hyun Joong and the casts of 'City Conquest' held a very successful event last night at Budokan where in Hyun Joong even sang songs to fans with a live band.  The event was said to have been attended by 10,000 fans and lots of media reps.

Today, Hyun Joong went back to S Korea and as always fans greeted him at the airport.  Here is a vid from taken from the YouTube channel of / for your viewing pleasure.

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Today, in some portals it has already been confirmed that 'City Conquest' will be broadcast over at KBS2 early next year.  The drama which is directed by Yang Yun Ho and written by Hwang Jun Ha tandem for this 20 episode drama. 

 Before I leave this post, let me share here a photo of Hyun Joong at Gimpo courtesy of @khjthailand.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous hunk !

Anonymous said...

Yes from pretty boy to gorgeous hunk

Anonymous said...

Yup, he's a gorgeous hunk now - flower boy no more. I'm so happy for that. Maybe people will start taking him more seriously now as an artist. He was always talented but I felt he was never given a chance because of his pretty boy image.

Anonymous said...

Cool HyunJoong��

Anonymous said...

Oh..Handsome and muscular as usual. His shirt looks good, ah well, anything looks good on our Hyun Joong.