Friday, October 12, 2012

Jung Min Shot New Music Video 10.12.12

Today, photos of Jung Min from the music video he is recording  were released by several portals. According to the news, below photos were taken at the studio today, 12th of October, at Geyonggi-Namyangju.

In the photos which you can see below, Jung Min is seen wearing colorful disco-style costume which reminds us of the 'Saturday Night Fever' in the musical 'Grease'.

Jung Min is already preparing for his comeback in November. He said in one of the articles that recording for the new album is already done. As previously blogged, he collaborated with Viva Soul's Zuwan.

There is an article HERE about Jung Min's comeback and MV recording.  When I see English translation, I will be sharing it here.  For now,  I just gave stuff that I can decipher from the article.


Anonymous said...

woah, isn't namyangju gwang soo's hometown? i'm a huge running man fan lol. and JM looks so retro with the hair, reminds me of grease!

Anonymous said...

The return of "Danny Park"!!! \^o^/ YEAAHHH!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, exactly look like danny park.
i'm sure his comeback gonna be a great comeback ^^

Anonymous said...

I hate this concept. JM looks very very old=(

ys said...

JM himself said in an intv that he hated his hair in Grease--why would he go back to the same style? How is he going to make new Korean fans with this look? Let's hope the song is amazing so that the visuals won't matter.

Anonymous said...

Is he trying to reclaim past glory from his musical days? He doesn't need to. What he needs is a concept that will uniquely reinvent himself. Not look like a delayed member of T-ara's rolly polly.

Anyway, the song is what matters. Wish him the best!