Monday, April 20, 2009

What Hyun Joong Wore

Aren't we always interested in what our favorite stars are wearing? There are fans who really go to search what they wore and I really find these fans amazing.

We've seen all the wonderful wardrobe that Hyun Joong wore in 'Boys Over Flowers' as well as the clothes he wore from the time they left Seoul to Japan and back. I'm not surprise that his wardrobe in BoF were all elegant not sure though if they're sponsored. Geez, and not to mention his attire when he went to Japan and return to Seoul. Don't you think that he's so fashionably clad in his green Burberry on his way to the land of the rising sun and in black long cardigan by General Idea going back to his home country?

Here let me share with you some of the designer clothes that Hyun Joong wore shared by marive_carl on KHJ thread @ soompi and bb on her blog.

The fisherman's hat, scarf, coat and shirt he wore in Episode 21 of BoF is by Burberry Prorsum 2009 Spring/Summer Collection.

Suit that Ji Hoo wore in one scene in BoF is from D&G 2009 Spring/Summer Collection.

Ji Hoo's clothes in episode 17 of BoF is by D&G2009 Spring/Summer Collection.

In going to Japan last week, Hyun Joong was clad in Burberry '09 Spring and Summer collection.

The long black cardigan he wore when he came back from Japan is by General Idea

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liya said...

I don't care what hyun joong wear.i still love him so much