Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SS501 & TVXQ Japanese Album

SS501 2nd Japanese Album [All My Life]

The boys 2nd Japanese Album entitled 'All My Life' will be released on the 13th of May. Their 1st Japanese album 'SS501' was released on October 24, 2007 which included 'Kokoro' and 'Distance'. But 'Kokoro' and 'Distance' were first released as single. Both landed in the #5 spot in Oricon Chart in August and September 2007, respectively. When their album 'SS501' was released in Japan in October, it landed #8 on Oricon Chart.

Below are the tracks of SS501's 2nd album...

track 1> メッセージ (Message)
track 2> Mermaid...
track 3> I WANT YOU
track 4> LUCKY DAYS [YouTube video below]
track 5> Get along
track 6> Promise to Promise
track 7> Believe in Love
track 8> Let's Break Away
track 9> Time of Destiny
track10> LOVERS
track11> 浅い夢の果て (end of shallow dream)
track12>  トラベラーグライダー (traveler glider)
track13> All My Love

[note] "All My Love is an a'cappella song (^^�ô

CREDIT: PonyCanyon JP + Kim + Quainte

Lucky Days

And here are some MVs from their 1st Japanese Album.




Coward [Japanese Version]

I've seen the following SS501 performances on DVD and they're really good and fun to watch.

Live in Tokyo
Heart to Heart
The first Story of SS501


TVXQ's New Japanese Single Album

Saw this MV yesterday and oh I like the sound of this one though the MV is not that great [no dancing and no effects] as compared to their other MVs. ^^

This is the new Japanese MV of TVXQ which was released yesterday. The title of this song is 'Share the World'.

The single album will be released on the 22nd of April and is opening and closing song of the anime entitled 'One Piece'.

Btw, Jae Joong as always is so handsome and Xian is looking so cute here.

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