Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Article] Jung Min Talks About New Album & A 3 Year Relationship

Heaps of thanks to Josie of RoyalPJM the translation of this article as well to AllForPJM.  Yeah, it's been a while since we really have something like this from Jung Min.

Looking forward to his comeback!


[News] Park Jung Min ” No Romance After Debuting, Lots of Work”
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Chinese Translations: 阿四@百度朴政珉吧ALLFORPJPM
English Translations: Josie@RPJM / RoyalPJM

Park Jung Min's comeback stage in Korea after 22 months. At the same time, it is also his first time taking on the production of the album, strengthening his image of being a multi-faceted artiste

Park Jung Min will promote title song "Beautiful" from his new album, trying hard to transform his idol-like dance to one that is more musical. One point that is specially worth mentioning is, this time Park Jung Min pen the lyrics, describing a man who fell in love with a woman at first sight, the feeling that cannot be controlled, a very concrete and sexy filled lyrics. " Is this written based on Park Jung Min's experience?" causing curiosity. But, Park Jung Min says: " Completed the work based on 100% imagination."

"There are times when I am being misunderstood. Be it Club or Pubs, I don't really like those places, dislike noisy places, prefer to simply have a drink with close friends, even with newly meet friends too."

During highschool because of SS501 activities, did not have much time to interact with friends too. Although I did attend school, but did not attend regularly. Time and again got lagged behind, in the end my thesis was also handed in 4 weeks late.

During my trainee period, realised that my communications skills are inadequate.
It is the same after debuting. Actually, my agency at that time have a rule for new artiste " Do not exchange contacts with other artistes". There will be big trouble if the rule is not being followed, but, others are not following it~ haha..."

Even so, Park Jung Min is not always single.Although he debuted at a young age, but he did have a relationship with a girl for 3 years, it was said to be " A noona (sister) from a Acting Academy" Park Jung Min initially wanted to become an actor, got to know her when he was studying at the Acting Academy. Besides that, Park Jung Min said " Got to know a Noona (sister) from the Acting Academy, and dated her for 3 years. This is all of my relationships. That Noona (sister) is a Nurse. She was taking lessons at the Academy too, it was a happy memory even now when I think back.

Yet, that " Acting Academy noona (sister)" did not debut as an actress. And, it seems like she is now preparing for her wedding. Park Jung Min laugh and says " Although already separated for a long time and no longer have feelings, when i got the news that she is getting married, it will still feel a little weird."

When ask Park Jung Min to describe his ideal type, he replied: " I need to observe for a period of time before deciding if she is my ideal dating type, I will not evaluate a woman based on 1st meeting or purely on good impression, will also not easily approach a woman easily." "Of course, when we are young it may seems to be ok, to approach, but, good feelings from those approach will not maintain for a long time. So I do not know from when, have the tendency to observe people for a long time, will want to slowly understand the person.

And I am not the type of person to initiate and say lets date, although this does trouble me " Ah, is this love? Is this romance?". In actual fact, situation like confessing or initiate to pursue a woman does not exist after debuting. There are too many work, experience all kinds of situations, it seems like there are not even enough time to sleep. So, this time the song was completed like I am writing a novel. Expressed those actual feelings accurately instead of those restrained feelings towards the opposite sex.

Since it is a song written based on Park Jung Min's imagination, then it does makes us look forward to the song "Beautiful" even more. Not as Park Jung Min, but as a man who is more passionate and sexy then most, how will he transform and attracts everyone attention.

New song "Beautiful" will be release on 14 November.


Anonymous said...

yaaaaa i think nowadays guys seemed to be attracted to noonas!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you say you have no relationship with a girl after debut? Every time you say differently.

Erin said...

I followed the group since 2008. I haven't come across PJM talking about a serious relationship before or after their debut. Maybe i missed this revelation.

He is being defensive in these statements though. Hope the accusations become buried with achievements from his latest work.

Anonymous said...

2th picture looks same as HEAT.

Anonymous said...

It was a relationship BEFORE he debute as SS501. From the beginning everyone knows he wanted to debute as an actor; that's where he met the noona n they dated for 3 yrs. at the end neither of them became an actor/actress. This was before he debute as SS501 that's why he said he DID NOT date after debute. He did mentioned he had a gf before debute but they separated after he debuted as SS501.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:36 We`re either not reading the same article or your reading comprehension fails, I think it`s the latter situation.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:19 AM
I think it's more weird. No girls over 8years? Actually it's shame thing as a man.

Mimi Zuki said...

@6:32 AM
Actually it's not weird. A person like Jung Min who is very ambitious about his job/life will usually choose his career over love relationships. At a point, of course he'll eventually choose to be in a relationship after he achieved his goal or when he thinks that his life is already stable. It's not wise to drag a person you love and make her/him wait for you all the time while you're achieving your dreams.

There's nothing to be ashamed of really, not being in a relationship is normal but the public nowadays perceived it being single as weird/shameful/something wrong with the person which is not a problem imho.

Anonymous said...

@Mimi Zuki
YES! I agree he's a person who is very ambitious about his job/life. Then how can he confess he thought suiciding when he was preparing solo album. And what he got for cost of abandon his love such a long time? According to your comment, when can he love? He is stll unknown. I feel all of his saying have same purpose for his success. In order for success, true or not has nothing to do with him.

Anonymous said...

He is just full of craps..