Saturday, November 24, 2012

[Media Pix] Hyun Joong at Yokohama Nissan Stadium 11.23.12

Hyun Joong is on his way back to Seoul from Japan after yesterday's football match of FCMen that was held at Yokohama Nissan Stadium. The game was won by FCMen with a score of 4:1.

Here are photos taken from JPNews. Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Somebody commented that HJ's skin looks horrible? Really? From these photos with no make-up whatsoever, he looks good as always. Perhaps a pimple on the right cheek and the perennial dark circles under his eyes, but that doesn't constitute to having horrible skin. Hardly ^^^

Anonymous said...

Don't get worked up by a comment from someone who obviously wants fans to react.

We should be feeling secure that no big companies would take him as a model if that were true. Face Shop, Centerpole, HangTen, to name a few.

Just read through and move on. That person just wants attention.

Anonymous said...

While some other FC Men teammates playing soccer with complete make-up&hair(no offense,its to each their own)
Many media are there but Hyun Joong did't seem to care about his look at all, down-to-earth and VERY MANLY! our namja is JJANG!

Anonymous said...

one more thing, he is one super handsome and sexy soccer player ever !

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is so cute... And now i watched many medias only followed him who was with no make up after match. HJ is really... how i say? Anyway i love this natural and a good soul.