Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Vid] Jung Min's 'You See It's Like...' with Viva Soul's Zuwan Revealed

This morning, Jung Min whose 'Beautiful' MV has just been revealed has released behind the scene footage via Naver Music the other track from his album entitled 'You See It's Like...' with Viva Soul's Zuwan.

It was earlier tweeted by both that they are collaborating for Jung Min's comeback. Their collaboration resulted to an acoustic music.

Check this video out!

Thanks to for sharing the link in YouTube.

Shoving here as well, Jung Min's greeting from Daum Music courtesy of YouTube channel.

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ys said...

No disrespect intended to BlackHoshiko009 for her hard work, but JungMinShine's clip of 있잖아요 (You See It's Like...) with Zuwan is HQ: