Sunday, November 18, 2012

[Pix and Vid] Hyung Jun Leaving and Arriving S Korean 11.17 & 18 2012

As mentioned last Saturday, Hyung Jun zipped off to Japan to attend KNTV's Drama Special Event in which he introdoced the Korean dramas to be shown autumn and winter at Nagoya's Chunishi Theater.

His fan club Prettyboy  shared tonight in their fansite and official YouTube channel photos of Hyung Jun leaving Japan via Incheon on the 17th of November and arriving today via the same airport.

Here are the nicely take photos and video from Prettyboy. Thank you!

Video from Prettyboy's official Youtube channel, .


Anonymous said...

The above video is on the channel tuyoi02 and she has about 17 fancams from Hyung Jun's event for KNTV Autumn Parade.

Anonymous said...

Baby is so cute, handsome and super duper sweet.