Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teaser Pix of Hyun Joong from New Album

Hyun Joong is coming... and I believe it's this Christmas season.

Here are teaser photos of Hyun Joong upcoming full album entitled, 'UNLIMITED'.

Much thanks to veggiedelight for the email and huge thanks to elley [blog.daum.net/elley0606] for the photos.


urs said...

I hope that are temporary tattoos :)

And still waiting for this album...

Anonymous said...

The tattoos r temps, so don't worry ^^^ If he'd wanted a permanent one he could have done it years ago since his BFFs (JJ & Micky) seem to like them ## but our baby's not too keen on needles, remember? I'm also very glad for that since I'm not a fan of tattoos myself.....

Anonymous said...

i hate tattoos is a gangster stuff..even if they are fake.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I can't wait till christmas. I miss you Hyun Joong.

Anonymous said...

super COOL and GORGEOUS !
omggggg I love those tattoos so much.Japan sure will love it,Jrocker+tattoos = Hotter than Hell !!!

@2.18 AM
ss501 used to wear Tattoo shirts in Love like this MV too,you must hate that MV so much, the gangster tattoos all over the place ^^

Anonymous said...

Tattoos are gangster stuff?not when hyun joong wears them! Biased much? Yes but it's true. Gorgeous HJ with tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Tattoo or no tattoo..who cares. He is still one hot hunk with or without it. Just look at the pics...awesome dude.

Anonymous said...

HJ's the Man


I love him clean and fair

or dark and square

Tattoo or no tattoo

hot,hot,hot anyway

Hair away from the face

Oh what a handsome delight

Hair all over the place

So what,it's still HJ the same

Dance music,rock music

slow heartfelt genre

I love,love hearing

the guy's soothing vocals

Quadruple,triple,or solo

HJ's the man to hear,see

guitar in the hands,

hands on the hips,everything's right!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Aprilstar...you said it all.

Anonymous said...

Hy aprilstar , i so agreed with u.. Well said!!

Anonymous said...

@2:18 AM
tattoos is a gangster stuff???

seriously girl...what a narrow world you live in?
Do you know that so many big names in every field in this world have tattoos?

For example :
Winston Churchill (The famous former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Nobel Prize Winner)had tattoo on his right arm,
President Theodore Roosevelt (The 26th president of the United States and the Nobel Peace Prize winner)had one on his chest,

Seem like some group of ppl want to put down Hyun Joong so much (401?)honestly,you making a fool of yourself.
Btw, if having fake/real tattoos mean that person is a gangster to you, then I want Hyun Joong get one for real if he will end up getting Nobel Prize like these 2 amazing ppl I put up there as an example.

Anonymous said...

Teaser for HJ's UNLIMITED


Anonymous said...

Good one here :)

Anonymous said...

I think HJ looks good with tattoos. I think the promo pictures were nicely done. There were nothing "gangster" about them.

Anonymous said...

MV teaser was also out and i cannot breathe... Hyun Joong is really gorgeous, handsome and so on. Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Japan, you are so lucky to have His Gorgeousness with you a lot of the time!
Why is there an argument going on about tatoos? It's washable. It is there for effect, for variety, and the rock component of his music.

Anonymous said...

MV teaser is out!!!!!! I love HJ's vioce.

Anonymous said...

Another good news!!! Thanks