Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hyung Jun to attend KNTV's Drama Special Event on 11.17.12

I am sure many have already heard by now, especially Hyung Jun's Japanese fans, about the news that came out yesterday about him being invited to a special drama event in Japan.

Hyung Jun zipped off to Japan yesterday, to serve be the representative for the KNTV's Drama Special Event which will happen today 17th of November at Nagoya's Chunishi Theater

Hyung Jun two dramas, 'My Shining Girl' and 'I love You' which aired on the 5th of November are both under KNTV.

In the special event today it was said that he will be introducing the Korean dramas to be shown autumn and winter. The event will have two parts in which first part is the drama press conference and the second part will involve fans in which Hyung Jun will have to meet his fans.

I hope in today's event, there will be news, photos and video to share.

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Anonymous said...

Yes hope that there will be news from Japan. Thank you liezle.