Friday, November 02, 2012

Jung Min's 'Beautiful' Unveiled

Four hours ago, Jung Min tweeted about his new album 'Beautiful' that is about to be released on the 14th of November.

Here is Jung Min's tweet:
JungMin0403 : 14 Nov. 2012 Park Jungmin's 2nd Single Album

Today in many entertainment portals in Korea, articles about Jung Min's 2nd mini album can be read

The cover of the new album shows Jung Min in tuxedo and showing his sunshine like smile against a sparkling backdrop.

According to Jung Min's agency, 'Beautiful' is the first album that Jung Min produced himself and that he took part in the entire album's concept and production planning.

Here is track list of the album:

1. Beautiful
2. 있잖아요 (with Zuwan)
3. Beautiful (Acoustic Ver.)
4. Beautiful (Inst.) — with Marisol Kaulitz.

Thanks to ‏@PJM_Forever .

Currently, Jung Min is in Japan to promote ROMEO's 'Tonight is the Night'.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful indeed! Specially the smile! Love love love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or he is really sparkling brighter than the backdrop?? <3

ys said...

@12:20pm it's not just you; I totally agree! Let's hope he's always as happy as he looks here.

Anonymous said...

1230 - its not just you. He is stunningly sparkling. I love his very bright smile. JM - fighting. This album goes on sale at most online sites, NOW.

julie said...

i absolutely agree!!! wuri JM are more beautiful... =)

Anonymous said...

It is simply BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful indeed.i do know why but i feel like crying.i'm so touched by him ^^

Anonymous said...

I feel like crying too. I wanna hug him! A very beautiful smile from him surely brightens my day.

Anonymous said...

I feel like crying too. His bright smile brightens my day. Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Love this album cover. Love that Beautiful smile!!! May Jung Min always be this happy, and hoping for his success.

Anonymous said...

oh my! every time i see this im on cloud nine. i would like to put this in my wallet or use as my wallpaper for my phone and laptop. i cant help but stare at him.

Anonymous said...

no one has ever smiled to me like that. lol