Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Vid] Jung Min's 'Beautiful' MV Revealed

Jung Min's 'Beautiful' MV is finally.  The video was shared and posted in the official YouTube channel of .

Before you play the video make sure the you set the quality of the video to 720p for better viewing.

Like the video if you may and only watch on this channel.  Please DO NOT re-upload in any other streaming sites including YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I like the vid, nice dream scenes of different eras. I hope Jungmin does well with this catchy tune.
Was wondering when his pet dog would appear, and there he was at the last scene :-)

Anonymous said...

love it our cheerful PJM is back with agreat song

Anonymous said...

Ouhhh.... JumRye is so so cute!!!! Of course, our Minie is still the cutest! (^_−)−☆

ys said...

When the video shoot pictures were released I was dreading the Danny Park/disco scene, but now it's my favorite part of the video. Not just because of the super cute butt dance--he just looks so happy!

urs said...

I like this music video!!!

I don’t know why, I feel like this MV has similar concept other members such as HYS (let it go & 1.2.3), HJL (lucky guys) HJB (sorry I’m sorry – the light brown hair) maybe bcoz I saw some similar scenes. Are they using same director?

For me, I think because they have very strong brotherhood relationship so they have same soul. The best similarities for me from our boys is they always wear a suit or jacket for their live performances, so it look more elegance. Is it only me that have these feeling?

Anyway… still hoping that they will sing in the same stage again…