Saturday, November 03, 2012

[Pix] Hyung Jun at FC Avenger's Match 11.03.12

At noon today, the ball at NanJiCheon soccer field kick off to start the match between FC Avengers's A in which Hyung Jun is a member versus its opponent.

Here are few of the photos shared by fans in Twitter of Hyung Jun mostly at the dugout.

courtesy of @rainieangel

courtesy of @khj_83

courtesy of @juyeun31

courtesy of @ILoveHyun501

courtesy of @wengvann


courtesy of @layaly_Jun

The game ended with Hyung Jun's team wiining 10:3 and he tweeted happily about the after game celebration. Here is the translation of the tweet courtesy of @xiaohu1004 in Twitter.
HyungJun87 : Today's FC Avenger's match is. Ended with 10:3 our team won. Weather is good and feeling is good too~~ thank you to many of you who came to support. Well done to our players who worked so hard. To end it off, we had beer and ramyun at Han River!

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daydeq said...

i dont' know baby can play soccer but glad he active with that...hope 3 fc double s will do friendly soccer match