Sunday, April 12, 2009

SS501 in 'My Favorite'

'My Favorite' is a program in MNet and three members of SS501 were their guest last December. If I'm not mistaken this was the time when Triple S [not the fan club but the sub group^^] , composed of Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon started doing their activities without Park Jung Min and Kim Hyun Joong. PJM at that time was busy with his 'Grease' schedule. He was playing 'Danny' in the musical play, while KHJ has already started shooting for 'Boys Over Flowers'.

While watching 'My Favorite' I keep on saying that I wish that Jung Min and Hyun Joong were present. I would have wanted to hear them answer questions such as..

- What's your life OST?
- When you see your first love, what will you do?
- Who is your past and current actress crush?
- and there's also the namja ramyeon thing like, 'If I'm a man, i will put shaving lotion sexily like...' then they'll do a demo.
- There is also a part wherein each one of them will confess their feelings to the girl they want on live tv.

The program is sort of a confession program and I was really surprised at how Young Saeng was answering. You see, amongst the 5 members Young Saeng is the most shy and quiet. Likewise, he seems to be not opening much like he's so careful with what he says and does. Hyung Joon is the same as always... funny. Kyu Jong for me is always the conservative type when answering but likewise funny [well i guess because he's from the countryside].

Though Jung Min and Hyun Joong were not around during the broadcast, the program staff did contact them and had a phone patch. Jung Min's portion is in part 2 while that of Hyun Joong is in part 4. Jung Min's portion was short because the line was cut. In Hyun Joong's porting though, he was able to talked to the three and gave his message. Funny that even on the phone Young Saeng and Hyun Joong feel awkward talking to each other. I guess because these two have opposite personality and the rest of the group won't stop teasing them about them even in front of live broadcast.

Here are the five parts of the program from Youtube... Enjoy!

I really do miss seeing the guys together. Anyway, since they are back together as a group, it won't be long seeing them on stage again and doing tv guestings. [i'm getting anxious]

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