Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Chance to be in Jeju with Jung Min...

... but only for lucky Japanese fans who are members of PARK JUNGMIN JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB. The Jeju Island Tour will happen from Oct 17 to 20 with 2 batches. 

A lot are in store for those who will be able to go to this event. There will be a meet and greet, photo op, autograph session, handshake session, mini concert and interaction with Jung Min.

For more information, you may click HERE (in Japanese).

Btw, I am certain many have already read Jung Min's tweet early this morning. Since this part is about Jung Min, let me share here the translation of Jung Min's twee courtesy of @xiaochu1004 in Twitter.

@JungMin0403 : Looking for Autumn songs to listen to! Please recommend!

@JungMin0403 : Typhoon... Realised the scariness of nature.. Be safely well-prepared..and bear with it!! I heard about a method of pasting newspaper on glass windows too!! My house is hidden among buildings so fortunately didn't suffer any damages! Thank you for your concerns! Try to return home early!!

Thanks to veggiedelight for the info.

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Anonymous said...

and now I ask Why why why I wasn't born a Japanese fan!??!!! Soobbbsss..... :'((((
The typhoon... thank God JM & his family r safe. We need to cont to pray for all d boys n their families & Korea too.