Monday, August 13, 2012

Young Saeng's 1st Japanese Album 'OVERJOYED' is All Set in September

Young Saeng is all set to debut in Japan next month. And today at  Pony Canyon website it was already posted in their site this morning that Young Saeng's 1st Japanese album entitled OVERJOYED will be available on sale on the 19th of September.

I read that one of Young Saeng's fanclub, BestFriend, is organizing a joint purchase of the album in Japan.  If I have details I will certainly tweet and/or share in my blog.  So if you are interested, watch out for it.

Album Title : OVERJOYED [Limited Edition]
Pony Canyon /: PCCA.03655 / ¥ 3,800 (¥ 3,619 tax price)

<DISC 1>

1. DraMagic!
作詞:藤林聖子/作曲/編曲:David Amber, Amanda Droste/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

作詞:MEG.ME/作曲:Steven Lee, Mark Smith, DANIEL NITT/編曲:Steven Lee, Mark Smith/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

3. 1.2.3
作詞:松井五郎/作曲:Anthony Mazza, Shida Kaviani/編曲:Joey Carbone, Anthony Mazza

作詞:kenko-p/作曲/編曲:Paul Drew, Greig Watts, Pete Barringer/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

5. True Tears
作詞:松井五郎/作曲/編曲:Kim Won/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

6. Crying-Japanese ver.-
作詞:Heo Young Saeng, Kim Tae Wan/日本語詞:藤林聖子/作曲/編曲:Steven Lee/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

7. LET IT GO-Japanese ver.-
作詞:Han Jae Ho, Song Soo Yoo/日本語詞:藤林聖子/作曲:Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo/編曲:Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo, Hong Seung Hyun/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

8. Dream on
作詞:松井五郎/作曲:/編曲:Kazuhiko Meda/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

9. とぎれた夜をつないで
作詞:松井五郎/作曲:陳稔之(Aren Chen) ,姚智偉(David Yao)/編曲:Joey Carbone ,Anthony Mazza/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

10. Timeless Love
作詞:藤林聖子/作曲/編曲:Paul Drew, Greig Watts, Pete Barringer?/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン

11. Hello Mello-Japanese ver.-
作詞:Lee Seung Jae/日本語詞:MEG.ME/作曲:Steven Lee/編曲:Akiyuki Tateyama ?/楽曲アーティスト:ホ・ヨンセン


kelly said...

What a great number of songs. But why no Maria in Japanese version :(((

A full album to debut in Japan.

Good job, YS!

Anonymous said...

yeay!!! the album seem promising!!!
i am totally overjoyed!! ^o^
i need to dig my wallet now for money~ keke

Anonymous said...

woot!! woot!! looks like a fun album~

Anonymous said...

Love it and overjoyed^^ The title of the songs are so much YS. For sure I'll buy the album. Saengie fighting and have joy!!

SSmarySS said...

agree with kelly.
really anticipating this debut!
Fighting Young Saeng!

Anonymous said...

Looks like happy songs. I can imagine his lovely smiling face singing and dancing on the stage.. wow I can't wait^^

Anonymous said...

I knew it Hello Mello is for all the Japanese Triple S and Y.E.S

Anonymous said...

gud luck with your album

Anonymous said...

I worry for the sale.
The price of full album must be high.
YS is loved in JP, but his fan base is not so big.
B2M is not strong in PR.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy when I see or read about fans worry on their idols...either it health,income,safety, etc... but I think rather than just laid back and not producing something.Its the best when YS come out with albums and shows people his talent.In my opinion, producing an album and showcasing his talent is a start for a PR and with voice like YS,its a good PR.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with 2:06am. So far people do recognize his talents and always give great comments and feel he's understated. YS is still popular (though at present may not be the most popular one), and he will always have die hard fans and be respected for his singing and talent which is very important as a singer. I wish he would move to a better agency that can give him good promotion/opportunities. Anyway, happy to see him do his music. Let's love him, support him and buy his albums^^

Anonymous said...

His company should put in more resources to do promotion activities, instead of just quietly posting on web or tweeting for sale. The reality is, nowadays marketing is most important and critical. Last time even as his fan, I found it very hard to know his album release, order it on time and see him on TV or having activities. It was rush in and crash out with very short promotion. I don't know if his company not loving him or inadequate. Hopefully this time they'll learn the lession and do better... please!

Anonymous said...

I do hope Pony Canyon will promote this album big time.. B2M is not the one who's in charge with Young Saeng's Japanese album.. I can see that he didn't change his Japanese label.. During SS501's Japanese activities, they're under Pony Canyon..

Anonymous said...

the title of the songs sound so good~b2m is a goof company,however they have some lacks..i do really hope to see saengie in a variety shows..that's good for promote him^^

Anonymous said...

It's already mid Aug but haven't heard any news or advertisements. Why can't he be like the other singers or members have some overseas activities in Taiwan or Japan before his album release. I find it really strange that he is even less visible, less activities than the member in military or with contract issue.

I plead to his agency, please just give his fans some treats, and don't waste his efforts, time and talents.... Saengie, I'll support you forever no matter what, YES, fighting!!!!