Tuesday, August 07, 2012

[Vid] Jung Min's 'Give Me Your Heart' MV

It is 08.08 and Jung Min's MV for 'Give Me Your Heart' (this should be a teaser) is out via Victor Music Channel in YouTube.

Check the video out and like it if you may. Please DO NOT re-upload video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.


ys said...

501 likes and 102 comments in just the three hours since this video was posted. It shows how hungggry we all are for the full video and for more PJM/Romeo. Thumbs up to the fans!

Anonymous said...

One look into his eyes n I'm dead!!!! Lol! Arrghh.... Can't wait for d full MV.

Anonymous said...

since Jung min won the case.. from what agency will he sign to?

etet said...

Romeo, Romeo...where art thou Romeo?
Can I be your Juliet?