Monday, August 20, 2012

[Pix] Kim Hyung Jun 2012 2nd Story in Nagoya 08.19.12

For the continuation of   'KIMHYUNGJUN 2012 2nd Story in Japan', Hyung Jun just successfully finished two concerts in Nagayo yesterday.  And this morning he tweeted something about it.  Here is Hyung Jun's tweet courtesy of @xiaochu1004 translation over at Twitter.
HyungJun87 : the 2 concerts in Nagoya yesterday. Was the best ^,^ but reached early after eating and so woke up now....sleepy, should I go back to sleep ㅠㅡㅠ 

Here are just few photos from yesterday's concert courtesy of @fmdrkmc's tweet.

Hyung Jun's next stop for  'KIMHYUNGJUN 2012 2nd Story in Japan' if I am not mistaken is Sapporo.  Where in he will be again singing a total of 19 songs and will have interaction with his fans.  I heard that in previous concerts he communicated pretty well with fans because of his good Japanese skills and good sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Does any know about the sale of his album in Japan?

Anonymous said...

Escape (CD + Photobook)is US$22.99 you can buy in yes asia.