Friday, August 17, 2012

[Pix & Vid] After 4 Weeks, Kyu Jong is Out of the Training Camp

Finally, that day that Kyu Jong came out from the training camp after 4 weeks of training arrived. Everyone was looking forward to this day since the 23rd of July when he entered JeonJu Division 35 Training Centre.

Kyu Jong left the camp mid afternoon. Some fans were there to greet him and even took photos of a very tanned Kyu Jong.

Here are several snap shots of Kyu Jong lifted from of 올리브나무 shared by HappyBoys_SS501 (Lois) and @kimjy9070 in Twitter.

Courtesy of @aki153's tweet

Kyu Jong will have rest over the weekend (hmm, would he meet friends and tweet us?). Come Monday, he will start his public service duty.

Nice to see him again, yah?

And this one is courtesy of ,


Anonymous said...

23rd til now, i thought its only 3 weeks? seems like they're always more lenient towards celebs lol. anyhow he looks good, love him in army uniform!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annoy @ 7:57PM,

Week 1 - 23-Jul to 29-Jul
Week 2 - 30-Jul to 5-Aug
Week 3 - 6-Aug to 12-Aug
Week 4 - 13-Aug to 19-Aug

Kyu Jong came out on the 17-Aug (i.e. exluding Sat & Sun). It's still 4 weeks of training.

Agree with you, he sure looks good in army uniform.

Anonymous said...

so happy to see his sweet smile :) aww,me too..i really love to see him in army uniform,so manly ^^

Anonymous said...

ohhh from the last pic it looks like he has more muscular arms!!

Anonymous said...

I have a fancy for men in beret...ur looking goooodddd kyujongshi

Lee Dewi said...

Super smexy tan coloured skin.....*melting* also more muscular... the sexiest soldier <3<3<3 so proud of him