Friday, August 17, 2012

Something About Hyun Joong...

... a bit late though.

Yah, TGIF! Happy to be back home.  I am so looking forward to the long weekend.  Need to re-charge, get on with my backlogs, watch dramas and variety shows that I missed. 

Alright, saw these photos of Hyun Joong in Baidu taken and shared by nomad0606. If I am not mistaken this was taken when he left for Bangkok on the 27th of July for the fan meeting. I am sharing these two photos since I only saw them and would also want to decorate this post with his photos to support the news that I failed to share for the past days about Hyun Joong. ^^

I am sure everyone knows about this already but still I am sharing for those who might have failed to miss this (I hardly doubt though).

Hyun Joong and TVXQ once again have proven that they are Hallyu Stars.On the 13th of August, it was reported in several entertainment portals that Hyun Joong and TVXQ were awarded the Golden Disc in Japan. The announcement was made by the Recording Industry Association of Japan on the 10th of August.

Golden Disc award is given to singers whose album sales exceeded 100,000 units. Both Hyun Joong and TVXQ were able to achieved this 100,000 mark in Japan's Oricon chart.

Hyun Joong won the award through his single 'HEAT'. TVQX on the other hand, was awarded for their single 'Andriod' and DVD 'Tone'.

Congratulations to Hyun Joong and TVXQ!

To end this post,here is another one that I failed to share. Much thanks to veggiedelight for sending the email which I only read this morning.

Well, it is no doubt that Hyun Joong is one of the handsomest guy in South Korea. With or without a survey he will surely land in the top 20.

In the recent ranking by Wuhan Evening's (武汉晚报) Top 30 Most Handsome Men in South Korea, Hyun Joong together with Jang Geun Suk, Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Song Jong Ki, So Ji Sub, Kang Dong Won and a few more are in the list.


Anonymous said...

I have read all the above news but to read it here feels so different. Always nice to read news about the members esp hjl in your blog. Thanks lieze. Have a nice day.

liezle said...

Hi 8:33.

I hope the feeling is nice. Thanks for dropping and sharing your thought.

Have a great weekend ahead.


Anonymous said...

So happy to read the news.
Always great done, this is my prince.

Anonymous said...

So thank you for your kindness and effort!;-)

Anonymous said...

I know HJ gets a spot here somehow but I get the feeling it is not the same as with the others.

Anyway,thanks for what you are also doing for HJ.

Anonymous said...

Why do say that? Do you mean that he is not favourable in this blog? I hope that is not it.

Anonymous said...

I have the same feeling with 4:34.
There are many news of Hyun Joong, but not here.
Anyways, thanks you Lieze.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are many news abt HJ but sometimes no here. I still remember when HJ got GREAT oricon weekly #1 but here nothing abt that. Actually when i search korean web i can easily see many of HJ's news but other members are not.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
I do have the same feelings too but let us try to think positively. Maybe the reason why Liezle gives way more to the other members becos we can ger news and updates of hjl from other various blogs and sources. I mean that is true right, all the news which she posted on hjl were all over. If w cant find it here we can get it fr elsewhere . Lieze has done a gd job so far keeping us updated. Give her a break. Peace everyone.

Anonymous said...

I know Lieze does the best for SS501.
I always thank her for any news of Hyun Joong here.
It's only one comment about my feeling, not a blame to her.
Of course she can do what she likes.

Anonymous said...

Are you fans trying to provoke Liezle? Check her sidebar and see how many posts she made of Kim Hyun Joong and labels that start with HJL. She hid this but now she is showing it again to let you blind fans know that what you think is wrong. Can't you selected number of fans just keep quiet and appreciate what she does for us? If you want your particular idol's news only do not go here because she blogs all SS501 members.

Anonymous said...

Aha aha! no problem! If I can't see some HJL news here, there are other sites to see them. Maybe she can't possibly post all as there are so many. It's alright. Maybe HJL is not her bias and that is alright too!!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:32 PM
I feel you are like communist. All is black or white. Now what you said is just making trouble btwn ppl and nothing to do with above comments. I think many ppl feel same it can be true. But i always thank for liezle's effort and many blogs. Here we can share our opinion and our love for ss501.

Anonymous said...

actually HJL is No. 1! not just top20.

here's the video link.

and here's the rank.

1. kim hyun joong
2. won bin
3. hyun bin
4. gong yoo
5. kang dong won
6. go soo
7. so ji sup
8. nick khun
9. song jung ki
10.jung woo sung

yes! indeed HJL is the most hansome guy!

Anonymous said...

In this site, Hyun Joong is only one of 5 members.
Other 4 members are handsome same as HJL, more talent than him,...
But people and the media have other views.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:12 PM
According to your comment, other 4 members are more talent than HJ. But except u, ppl and the media have different views. Haha you are exactly 4bakja. 5 members all have their talent. But Hyun Joong cried because of you. I hate you.

Anonymous said...

Guys, guys ---

HJ is #1 Handsome Guy
HJ is Asia's Best Artist
HJ is #1 Oricon Daily and Weekly for HEAT (July)
etc etc We have proof. We are not just saying....

Anonymous said...

I'm 10:30 and 5:12.
You must understand me.
Hyun Joong is my only idol.
I says my feeling I read the cmt in this site.

Anonymous said...

Well said @5:12 PM ...

Anonymous said...

@ 8:34
Oic. Perfectly understand you. But i feel sad..

Anonymous said...

Thank u, liezle for updating us about the boys as much as u can! I'm very much a hyunjoong fan n i don't blame u for not posting some of his news, cuz let's face it guys, he seems to generate a lot of news nowadays n even the last few years. However, i still like coming here cuz i could find out a bit about the other members since i don't go or bother about other blogs that do write-ups on them. Admit it guys, liezle's been doing a wonderful job these few years so let's thank her n play nice, k. As u guys say, there are other sites where we can get his news too... Take care everyone n thanks again, liezle!

Anonymous said...

Whenever a good news come up,here we go.
401bakja can't stand whenever a good news about Hyun Joong come up,right?
Jealousy doesn't do you any good.
Look like you try a new method again.
IT's DOESN'T WORK.You can't put the good man down.

liezle don't care about those bitches,I understand why you late at posing HJ's news.

Anonymous said...

Curtailing news about Hyun Joong has been observed for sometime now. Still, it doesn't diminish his achievements. Most likely cause could be the intention to equalize attention to the other members lagging behind. Irregardless, doesn't achieve fairness at all.

Despite the greater publicity towards the other 4 members, fans' love towards Hyun Joong will be constant and growing.

It is just embarrasing to read fans' heartaches over somebody they cannot point a finger to. Angry over an anonymous person. Don't you think it is time to step back and think things through?

By the way, gloating is never a virtue. So just let others say anything because their hearts lie somewhere. They are not enemies. They just like somebody else.

I just want peace, just like my one and only Kim Hyun Joong, the pacifist.

annonymous said...

i'm hyun joong's fan n i can updating hyunjoong news at other several blogs out there..n i don't mind if there are only few news abt hyunjoong here bcoz i came here just to know abt other 4...seriously, this suppose not to be a big problem to u guys, hjl's fans, right?