Saturday, August 18, 2012

[Pix] Kyu Jong Out from Training Camp 08.17.12

Few more photos of Kyu Jong leaving JeonJu Division 35 Training Centre have been shared in Baidu.  The following are from _yulkooN which came from

As Kyu Jong chose to be assigned in JeonJu, which is his hometown, I am thinking that he may spend some precious time with his family at home.  I think that he will also be spending time with friends before he starts public service on Monday.

FYI, in Korea, those working as public service agents are men in green uniform working at a subway station or a local government office.  I believe the Kyu Jong will be in a local government office.  I hope that when fans get to know where, fans will not give him any trouble at all.  I remember some idols working in local government offices getting into some problems because of fans. We wouldn't want this to happen to Kyu Jong, right?

Oh, here, I am adding a video lifted from the YouTube channel of .  Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip! (shove this here from my other post earlier since source of the photos and vid is the same)

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Anonymous said...

he looks even more handsome now!!!!!!! *squeals*