Wednesday, August 08, 2012

[Article] Jung Min to Debut in Japan in September

I am sure you have see the teaser that came out at 12MN today.  Dark Jung Min is looking so good and the song sounds good with Jung Min's unique voice quality.  I wish to hear and see the full MV soon which is to be released first week September. 

Incidentally, in September as well, as announced by B2M, Young Saeng will debut in Japan on the 3rd week of September (see details at the sidebar).

I super wish both Young Saeng and Jung Min will do well in Japan just like Hyun Joong and Hyung Jun who already debuted in Japan much earlier


[News] SS501′s Park Jung Min (Romeo) reveals PV preview for “Give Me Your Heart”
by GhostWriter / AllKPop

SS501‘s Park Jung Min is set to debut in Japan next month with the release of his first Japanese single, “Give Me Your Heart“.

He will be using the name of “Romeo” to promote in Japan and a PV Preview for “Give Me Your Heart” was recently revealed through Victor Music‘s official YouTube Channel. At his Japanese fan meeting, Park Jung Min talked about Romeo in third person and the video uploaded on YouTube describes Romeo as someone who “Looks exactly like SS501′s Park Jung Min“.

The single is set for official release on September 5th but the track is already available via mobile phone download or ringtone.


Anonymous said...

JM tweets today "clarifying" he is not Romeo. He is sooo funny!!! JungMin-ah, Romeo or not, you are forever my Prince Sexy Charisma! ❤

Ling said...

I'm worried when the SS501 boys promote their solos almost at the same time. It will looks like a competition and I don't want them to be compared to each other b'coz each of them is super different and unique. When one person outshine the others, I feel sad deep inside and wsih that never happens.