Friday, August 31, 2012

[Photo] Hyun Joong Drives a Truck in 'City Conquest'

Since the start of the filming of 'City Conquest' in Japan that started in July, the production team of the upcoming drama  that stars Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi has been releasing photos from the shooting almost every week.

Today, another photo has been released with Hyun Joong driving a small truck with liquor cases at the back and looking melancholy. This scene was also shot in Japan.

When Hyun Joong started acting on the small screen, he had played roles of a rich guy who dresses up so well and drives hot cars.  It is the first time we are seeing him driving a truck and wearing simple long sleeves tee and disheveled hair.

It looks like in 'City Conquest' we will be seeing several different images of Hyun Joong.

'City Conquest' is still currently being filmed.  The production team, Hyun Joong and other actors will be going to several countries for filming. According to earlier news, the filming is  expected to take place all over the world including the U.S., China, Singapore, Myanmar, Switzerland and more.

As filming for the drama progresses, we still await for news as to where the drama will broadcast.  While we wait for the news, I read that 'City Conquest' is set to have the very first preview shown in Japan soon.  


Anonymous said...

Maybe the premiere will take place in Japan.If that happens will it be a first for a Korean drama?

If the SK TV production companies are aiming for its global market anyway-they might as well do the first showing anywhere. If that happens HJ would have scored another first (PK,extension @YT was the first)Japan has at least a March sched for its showing at DATV

Anonymous said...

You are very kind liezle to give us the round-up of the photo stills that were released so far. The background info helps me to put everything as a cohesive article rather than bits and pieces of something.

Appreciate it very much. I like dropping by here nowadays as i feel it has more substance than just posting news. And the discussions are very dynamic, sorting out issues no matter how messy thy seem. In the end i hope the discussions would highlight Kim Hyun Joong's strong determination and sensible and funny way of dealing with issues that become worthy of emulating.

Anonymous said...

Whenever see pics of this drama, i 'm eager to watch drama soon!!

liezle said...

at 4:37, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment.