Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Photos] Hyun Joong Featured in a Newspaper in Moscow

In the July issue of Pro-sument Concept which is published in Moscow, they are  featuring K-Pop and one of the main feature is an interview with Kim Hyun Joong.

Here is a very nice photo of Hyun Joong that I lifted from v-prosumen website. Go and visit the site to see the 6 pages (excluding photo below) feature about Hyun Joong with exclusive photos

Below is a photo of Hyun Joong together with the reporters.

I know that I have some visitors from Russia and k-pop is getting popular there. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

HJ is surely going places or should I say reporters are going places to find him.

look at the Asian lady(guide/interpreter?)her head so tilted towards HJ.

Go,go HJ and meet the world in your own terms !

tonyvika said...

Hello from Russia (as I know, the second lady is also from Russia)

by the way - Do you need all scans (also can give you translation)?

liezle said...

Hi 10:22 and 10:32. Thanks for dropping by.

10:22, oh the black haired lady is the interpreter. thanks for that info.

10:32, no need for the scans as they were shared on the website (v-prosumen) already. if it is not too much to ask maybe you can just give us a gist or the important things that Hyun Joong mentioned in the interview.

thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

World Star Kim Hyun Joong!!! Deabak

tonyvika said...

Here you go - English translation from my blog

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how he can look so-----beautiful! In fact, he seems to be getting more and more beautiful, even more than the ladies, haha! Even when he is without make-up! Incredible! Daebak Hyunjoong! Hope you'll continue to get world-wide recognition, more and more and more***

Anonymous said...

Go n conquer the world....hjl

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing!! I heard city conquer will have record at Russia. Russian fans will happy to see him;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you liezle for the update.

This interview highlights what KHJ stands for. He is truly an inspiration, a wellspring of goodness.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong looks so handsome in this pics;)