Thursday, August 23, 2012

[Vids] Jung Min Live at UStream 08.23 & 24.12

Did you miss Jung Min /ROMEO live in UStream last night and tonight?

Fret not since the 3 minutes and 47 seconds  he was on air last night and the 7 minutes 18 seconds live streaming tonight was recorded by was captured by .  Both videos are shared her YouTube channel. Much thanks!

Though silhouette on the first video, Jung Min is still a picture of a tall handsome lad. And his singing voice has a certain identifying quality that is only PJM's.

Before Jung Min when on air he tweeted the following

JungMin0403 : still early but... Sleepy.... Kept being sleepy. Headache

Thanks to xiaochu1004 for the translation in Twitter.

Here is Jung Min's live performance tonight in UStream where in he sang two songs.

Tonight's video we can see Jung Min's face. Thanks for the help of the candles set up inside the studion.


Anonymous said...

YUP! It's 501% JM's voice that is sooooo mesmerizing and let me just went aaaawwww..... I'm completely melted... *o*....

ys said...

What are these three songs, does anyone know? Is one of them Devil, the other song on the Give Me Your Heart single? Are the others on Tonight's the Night single? Or are they just covers of Japanese songs?