Tuesday, April 07, 2009

BOF's denial about the cosmetic product news

I'm shoving this from BYJ's Quilt.

No wonder that when the news came out yesterday seemed not to make sense at all. Mariko and I were discussing this over at BYJ thread @ soompi trying to understand how cosmetic products which said to be endorsed by Wonder Girls has to do with Yong Joon.

Anyway, his BOF's notice deny about it.

Polaris posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.
Korean to English translation by Joanne on BYJ's Quilt [thanks Joanne and I'm glad to see you back ^^]

[BOF Public Notice] Our statement on news on BYJ's involvement in cosmetics business, as reported on 4/6/09

BOF 4/7/09

Dear every Family, How are you? This is BOF.

We let you know that the article regarding Mr. BYJ's cosmetics business, as reported on past 6, is not true.

The particular article has been deleted after contating the media, and we got to talk to you one more time with this public notice because there might be people who misunderstand if that business is actually progressing among Family who read the article.

At present, Mr. BYJ is deeply occupied with preparation for acting in 'WLS' animation and drama 'Dream High', along with preparation for a book he is to publish.

We would like to ask your deep understanding for confusing you, Family, with the groundless article, and we will put an effort to be able to greet you with good news in the future.

As it became much warm, we wish you to have balmy and refreshing Spring season.

Thank you~!

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