Tuesday, April 07, 2009

KHJ @ Tony Moly Autograph Signing

Seems that there's no way of stopping Kim Hyun Joong from doing activities.

Today, he appeared at Lotte Hotel to autograph posters to about 100 fans for Tony Moly cosmetic brand. Though still not looking 100% fit, he was all smile in front of his fans and media.

seems that someone gave him a thermos of soup. ^^

btw, did you know that the bag that hyun joong designed for Coach and was auctioned was sold at 2,500,000.00 KRW which is equivalent to 1,919.23658 USD?

by: Kim Hyun Joong

Theme: Self (Ego)
Material: Marker pen
Inspiration: Although you portray a brilliant image in front of others, within you, there aren’t only smiles but tiredness and loneliness. I’m expressing these emotions through this face (bloodshot eyes).

Translated by: Sparkskey@Quainte501
Credits: Coach (Korea) + SS601


One more news about Hyun Joong before I end this post.

SS501 with Hyun Joong as a member will leave for Japan on the 12th of April. This is for the promotion of their album in Japan. But Hyun Joong will be leaving earlier [2-3 days ahead] than the other members of the group and will also be returning later than the rest. This is so according to DSP for him to be able to rest well. This trip to Japan will also include 'Boys Over Flowers' promotion with the whole cast.

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