Wednesday, September 29, 2010

09.29.10 S/Tweet Treats ( ゚▽゚)/

UPDATE : [10:15 PM] More tweets of Kyu Jong Young Saeng and Hyung Jun were translated by xiaochu of Quainte501 below. Check 'em out!

[2:16PM] Reading Young Saeng and Kyu Jong's tweets to Steven Lee makes me happy. These two seems to have been so fond of Steven that I'm thinking that they've found a big brother in him. Check out the latest translation below by xiaochu which I lifted from Quainte501. Thanks again!

[10:51AM] Tweet translation of Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Jung Min is UP! Super thanks to xiaochu @ Quainte for provinding them once again.

I'm so curious about the MV/filming of YS. I wish he would tell more. Kyu Jong seems happy... I like it. Jung Min at the airport soon to fly to Taiwan.


Just when I was tweeting at a little past 12 midnight that Jung Min was MIA he made 3 posts on his wall on Facebook and we were alerted on Twitter.

Here's translation made by saylalala on Quiante501. Loads of thanks saylalala.

Oh yeah, before you go and read, about 5 hours ago probably around 4 in Japan Young Saeng was up early exchanging tweets with Steven Lee. For sure we'll get the translation of that later. ^^

[Trans] 09.29.10 S/Tweet Treats
English translation courtesy of saylalalala @ Quainte501
& the ever tireless xiaochu @ Quainte501

Please credit properly when reposting

(@1:02am - 09.29.10)
JungMin0403 Take the deadly poison

(@1:04am - 09.29.10)
JungMin0403 Helped myself to one whole cake

(@1:06am - 09.29.10)
JungMin0403 Agoogoo Everyone Goodnight, Tomorrow's official trip Hwaiting, Jjayo*
*I think he meant Jiayou, in Mandarin, which is equivelant to Hwaiting in Korean


following trans is courtesy of xiaochu @

2010-09-29 @ 2.53am
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 Should make one youtube account heeheeheehee

2010-09-29 @ ??am
mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ Why youtube account? ke

2010-09-29 @ ??am
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 Cos it's really a pity for your that talent to go into waste ^^ With the aim to have a worldwide video release kekeke

2010-09-29 @ ??am
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 By the way, California was 45 degree celsius (113 Fahrenheit) yesterday Earthquake coming;

2010-09-29 @ ??am
mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ Ah~~kekeke Seems like it has really risen~~~? ke If California is 45 degree celsius... Wow!! I wanted to go to USA during Indian Summer TT TT It is getting colder in Korea now~ke

2010-09-29 @ ??am
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 Saving up and burst it up at one time later ^^ By the way there is time difference between USA and Korea isn't it? ; Quickly go and sleep keke

2010-09-29 @ ??am
mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ keke I will do so (go and sleep)~~ for some time, I have been sleeping early and waking early.. but these days I can't get to sleep again (insomnia) TT TT Should try my best and go to sleep quickly keke

2010-09-29 @ 10.46am
2kjdream Smiling before I went to bed today too, having a good morning after sleeping and setting off^^ eehee Have an enjoyable Wednesday everyoneee~~

Here are JM's reply on the comments ...

2010-09-29 @ 11.05am
JungMin0403 Arrived at airport !! Saw happy faces. Bangga bangga
*Bangga bangga is like a short form for 'nice to see you'

2010-09-29 @ 11.11am
zakkykim @JungMin0403 Do well and return safely~ When you come back, call me

2010-09-29 @ 12.10pm
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ Hyung ^^ I have a friend called axiom25 hee Really exciting heehee So cute hee

2010-09-29 @ @ 12.12pm
Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream Oh so you bought a controller? That's a past thingy, next time buy one with more than 61 (keyboard) keys. Other than hip hop, 25 keys is in fact, impossible to play with ^^

2010-09-29 @ 12.28pm
mystyle1103 Steven_Lee_ Hyung~~ My audio card is spoilt TT I reformatted my computer~ programs are also gone TT

2010-09-29 @ 12.35pm
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 It is very rare that the audio card is spoiled... I hope it's not a problem with the driver, maybe. Don't buy a new computer because it has good functionalities other than the breakdown... What audio card (did you use)?

2010-09-29 @ 1.00pm
mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ It is TCnear~~ because the sound got cut off.. tried again and again but it didn't work so in the end I reformatted.. It's still the same~ I got the driver at tcnear homepage too TT

2010-09-29 @ 1.07pm
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 TCNear doesn't seem like the name of audio card... Maybe it is a Konnect product. Try again to find the driver for the correct operating system (windows/max) using the product name. If I lived nearer, I would have gone over and check it for you Ayegoo TT T

2010-09-29 @ 1.09pm
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ Yes hee (I bought it) since it's my first time. I have to get more familiar with this first ^^ Hyung, it is really cold here T

2010-09-29 @ 1.11pm
Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream It was so hot here yesterday that we can't go outside. Compared to the time we went Vegas last time, this far more hotter weather has come to California. There will be earthquake if it gets hot all of a sudden, how? keke

2010-09-29 @ 1.52pm
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ I will stand firm to believe that there will not be any earthquakes hee Must be really hot TT Come to Korea~~~

*Puhahaa.. the 2 managers found each other?!
2010-09-29 @ 7:01pm
hyeongjin2 @woongcha1 keke You're also playing (twitter)... Seems like I was the latest to join~~ Lose weight!!!

2010-09-29 @ 7.56pm
2kjdream @hyeongjin2 Take me along toooo!!! Ajushiii Baebaeng~
*in reply to hyeongjin2 (2010-09-29 @ 6.59pm)
Weather has turned chilly~~~ heehee Huge prawns are in season. Should go to West Sea to eat keke

2010-09-29 @ 8.29pm
mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ TT TT I went back home to check on is a goner - - ;; but is it necessary to have an audio card for working (with computer)?

2010-09-29 @ 8.29pm
mystyle1103 @2kjdream Also take be along~~ Wooojjoojjoo~ ke

2010-09-29 @ 9.28pm
2kjdream @mystyle1103 Baebaeng you wanna eat big prawns?~ heehee

2010-09-29 @ 10.14pm
HyungJun87 I am currently recording the school song for the African children of "Yoona School" built by YongHa hyung. Ah, feels good ^^

2010-09-29 @ 9.43pm
woosangil @2kjdream @mystyle1103 I'm hungry, because you're always saying big prawns big prawns. Feel like eating sushi~~


arcena_love said...

Hello.. Thanks for updating us always.!! You never fails us for bringing the freshest news!! Fighting!

Gemini said...

Liezle, a big thanks for updating all their tweets. It make my day : )

Anonymous said...

what did Steven Lee mean by "your talent going to waste"? Does he mean YS is not singing anymore/performing or his MV will not be shown publicly (alarmed/worry mode on),,,, oh my goodness, please nooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezle for updating our boys' tweets as always!

I laughed out loud when I read ur comments saying that the 2 managers found each other. Haha :)

YS and Kyu are sooo cute! "big prawns big prawns"... yummy!

I REALLY hope that news of Kyu and YS signing on to a new agency/agencies will come out soon! I just want more of my 2 favourite boys! Miss them so much.