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[Trans] Know Jung Min from A to Z (newly added M to O & T to U)

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[02.16.12] Super thanks to the translators of Jung Min's Story A-Z from his photobook released in Japan entitled 'My Story' especially to RoyalPJM for the English translation shared on their BLOG. As I've mentioned before, if you want 'only' Jung Min's news,vids and other infos you may visit RoyalPJM blog. Do leave your footprints as well if you may to show your appreciation for their hardwork.

Jung Min's A-Z story will be an interesting read and I will patiently wait for RoyalPJM for the other parts of the translation. So far, of the 26 alphabets the translator was able to translate A to D. But like I said, I will be anticipating this as I would like to know Jung Min's A, B, C to Z. ^^

[03.20.12] Translator/s of RoyalPJM updated tonight their blog entry on this shared on RoyalPJM Sharing Our Love for Jung Min. Like previous mentioned, this is an interesing set of reading. Get to know more of Jung Min as he reveals himself to us. Added here are from E (Eating) to I (I am);

[05.12.12] Translation for J to S has been shared by RoyalPJM on their blog and I am once again sharing the translation here. Much thanks once again to RPJM's translator and to ALLFORPJM for doing all the hard work.

[09.05.12] Heaps of thanks to RoyalPJM  adding translation ranslation for M to O and T to U on their blog.  Again, I am shoving here the translation courtesy of  RPJM's translator and to ALLFORPJM the effort.


[Trans] ‘My Story’ – Jung Min’s story A-Z
Posted on February 15, 2012 by RoyalPJM
Source: Vivaldi-P
Chinese translation: 阿菜 (ALLFORPJM)
English translation: RPJM (

Please repost with full credits.


My first experience with the alcohol was during the 3rd year in Elementary school. I went to my uncle’s house with my mother and drank it. I think it was an art event and drank the cherry wine as everyone was supposed to drink it. After drinking it, my entire face felt hot. That time, i decided not to drink this kind of awful things ever. But now, i am always immersing into alcohol. I am joking, i am joking! Although i love alcohol, and will even get drunk after drinking, I would not anyhow drink it. Staff often asked me “Why am i not drunk?” That’s because, me, when i am feeling drunk, just a little bit, i will immediately leave the place, bringing along my bag and other stuffs. What will happen if i am on a date? I will not touch alcohol when i am on a date but let’s say if i became sexy after i am drunk, you probably think that it will bother you.


The most beautiful part in woman… it’s still certainly her heart. Although appearance is also important, i think the woman who knows how to care for the others is the best. She doesn’t have to do anything special, she just has to respect my work. I feel that woman like this is the most beautiful. Next, if I don’t like woman who only cares about themselves, waiting for someone to do something for them yet doesn’t help, i cannot cope with them. However, i like woman who drives someone, giving the strength of positive. Woman who is gentle yet strong, i really like them.


Whenever i am stress and isn’t in a good condition, I will:
(Go for) Massage, sleep, eat, exercise, shopping, cook and read interior design magazines.
Now, in my Taiwan’s room, there’s actually around 100,000¥ worth of interior design magazines pilling up everywhere.

I have another dream, and that is to become a/an (interior) designer. Like for example, building something like ‘Jung Min Hotel’ and things like this. Why? What kind of interior; wall, furniture, lighting are things which only made the customer comfortable and happy. From now onwards, i will start to familiarize myself with interior design knowledge, you must support me!


I love jogging when i was a child and is always chosen to be the last to run in a relay. From that time, i am already popular. Valentine’s Day during my Elementary School was really impressive as I was always chased around by girls. That time, there were 2 girls from the same class as me chased me and said “Please date with me.” The flowers were right in front of me, who should i choose? OO? XX? OO? … (which one should i choose? I kept hesitating -_-!!) In the end, i gave OO the flowers (Okay, i decided to choose OO to be my girlfriend) But i announced this at XX’s house. Thinking of it now, it’s really bad. My dream that time (when i was a child) was to become a policeman. In Korea, it was broadcasting a documentary about police that time, after finishing the documentary, i felt touched. I will absolutely protect the citizens! The will to fight totally kindled. Now, even though there are times where I occasionally do not understand things related to police, i believe that in a certain extent, i can still a policeman. But because there are other missions for me to do, i cannot be a police already.


Able to cook a dish personally is a good thing. Spending all of your energy, adding lots of love and seasoning, the sense of tastiness will increase and the feeling is really great. I wish you can cook ‘Ginseng Chicken’ for me because my mother is really an expert in cooking thus I will be strict with the taste. If the food you cook is awful, that is also acceptable. Even if there are no changes, we can continue to date but if we are married, that’s absolutely a no way. If you want to get married with me, you must first brush up your skill of cooking.


“What must we do to become fashionable?” People will often ask me this kind of question. Actually, the most important thing is “To love yourself”. You must take notice of the models with the same body shape as you and then read some fashion magazine. When you don’t understand your own style and just follow the latest fashion trend and buying them is not what a fashionista will display. And one more thing, that is to self invest. Talking about fashion, although there are people who buy lots of clothes, however, true fashion does not only reflected on your clothes and accessories. In my opinion, you should notice all these things, hairstyle, make-up skills, and (consuming) beauty food. This is the way of getting close to fashion.


When I was a student, I remembered playing the most popular ‘Bike speed’ competition. After that, I would play seesaw in the park. Even though this is not a popular game but when I was playing seesaw, I hit my friend’s ___*!! (*Translator Note: The word on the translation is small so i cannot figure what is this word :/) From that time onwards, I felt that the seesaw in the park is scary. I also love to prank, although teacher thinks that it’s cute too, I would get scolded by my teacher once in a while. Teacher will immediately scold those naughty students “Although you know XX’s explanation, you should also listen to OO when OO is speaking! Teacher has taught you for 2 years already right? Please respect the teacher!” But teacher will also say this “Although teacher has their own ideas, students also have their own positions. Let’s understand one another.” (Laughs) Teacher is still full of vitality till now, why not we go and listen to his lecture? Alright?


When I was in elementary school, I always insisted on getting the chairman position in the class. Of course, if one became a chairman of the class, they must hold a party at home to celebrate, this is a kind of customary. However, our family was not very wealthy that time thus we can’t hold a party at home. At that time, I cried and continuously shouted “I don’t want, I don’t want (I want to open a party)After that, my mother prepared pizzas and fried chickens, I brought these food and went to the hill behind our school to celebrate with my classmates. At that time, life was very difficult. Although I can joke about it now, however when I listened to what happened at home when I was in elementary school, I felt that it is still difficult because my family isn’t wealthy that time. I only believed in myself, thinking of I need to live well, there was this strong will in my mind. I don’t like to rely on others and I did not talk about my family matters with anyone. My principle that time was to become the Park Jung Min today, till today, I still thought the same way. Now, the path I choose, I must walk down firmly, and I think I can only manage myself better.

I am

From the start of my entertainment job, it was actually in Elementary school. I was given a role in a TV drama, after which, I really wish to become an artist. When I was in Middle school, I entered a performing arts firm. The fee that was said we needed that time was around ¥20,000. My mother did not say anything and took out this sum of money immediately. That time, I still don’t know if I can return this sum of money back to my family and I was really stressed. However, my mother believed that I will return this money back to them eventually. But, I did not expect that there will be swindler in this society. I regretted that time and also suffered. But even at that time, I still did not give up. I was determined to fight back for myself, I need to work hard to a certain extent to show the society who cheated me. So I still cannot forget how I felt that time. I was thinking that I shouldn’t disappoint my mother. I must continue to work hard from now onwards.

Japanese Culture

I did not have any cultural conflict completely after coming to Japan. There are all kinds of people when I went to Taiwan, Thailand and other countries. Because this is the place for this kind of people, so there will bound to have this kind of characteristic of people. Your personal perception towards this place will also change. In Japan, there are many natural scenery which are really beautiful. You will feel that you are mixed into one with the nature in Japan, it is really comfortable. Despite I have not completely experience Japan culture, I would like to try on a Kimono, will it suit me if I wears it? At the same time, I will like to play with the sword, putting on a wig and experience how is it like to become a warrior. But it is really dangerous. Hmm? Do you wish to see this kind of Jung Min? So, for this kind of character to come by, I must start to practice from now on.


I used to work when I was in middle school. Of course I hid my age, and because there’s school badge on my uniform, I will be doom if I am found (working). So I changed to casual wear and went to KFC just like this. I also felt that it was difficult frying chicken in the kitchen, however, the staffs around me were friendly and approachable. That was really a good experience. After that, I worked together with my sister, walking to every household to paste decorative label. But my legs really hurt that time. However, while frying the chicken or pasting the decorative label, I always had this dream, “I need to become an idol!” During the time when I was working, I felt the importance of money, that was a precious experience. Even till now, as I walk past KFC, I will recall this incident. No matter what, the key to fulfil your dream is not to give up.


Recently, the most luxury thing I did was that I bought a bag in Taiwan. The moment I saw that bag, I was attracted by its design at the first sight and I really like it and bought it straight away. The brand (of the bag) is a secret! But it is not the brand I really like. In short, I choose it according to its design. After that, I also spent a huge amount of money to move house. Ah! Yea, I finally thought of it!! I even bought a car for my father. However, it is not a classy brand. Next, I will work even harder so I can buy an even better car as a present. Then, after buying a car, I also wish to buy a piece of land so as to take a first step towards PARK Hilton hotel. There seems to have leftover land at the mountain in Korea, shall I go and survey it the next time? I also wish to open a shop of a brand of my own, and there are many things I would like to do too.


I don't like long distance thing however, I like activity such as marathon.
Becoming idleness, I am not interested.
If it is a short distance, I can decide it immediately.
I am the type of person who can finish my holiday homework on the last day of holiday.
I am not good in continuously mugging for my work,
I am not the type of person whose motivation is weak,
but the type of person who can concentrate on anything immediately.
I am often aware that I am over hardworking,
but isn't it better than leaving something unfinished/giving up?
Whenever I have my free time, I always think that I need to do something at the very least.
I can never ever keep calm.
So, for example, when I desperately did something and do not get nothing/no result at the end, this makes me annoyed.
What is this, all the effort and time I spent on this should get me something in return.
I use this kind of view in my everyday life.


When I was in middle school, I hope to go for a camp.
That very beautiful green mountain, the smell of the wind and the smile on my friend's faces.
My relationship with my friends (in middle school) is still very good.
(Do you wish to go to World Heritage, or any famous tourist attraction?)
Basically, I am not really interested when someone asked me this kind of question.
Compared to where you go I believe with whom you are going with is more important.
For example, even if it’s not a famous tourist attraction, when I am going with people like my beloved family or friends, which will be the best scenery.
This time, go to wherever you wish to go.


Actually, cherishing the things you used before is really good.
The toys and letters I bought and received in the past.
I started to collect my own things from young... I will never throw them away without any reason.
Even when I am moving house this time, there are a lot of things I did not plan to throw them away,
and brought them along with me (laughs)
Thus now, the space where I collect my things became a huge problem.
Despite hearing in Japan that '断拾離' is very popular now
(断: Things you do not need; 拾: Throwing away the things you always put at home but not using it; 離: Breaking away the nostalgia feeling you have for your item)
But I do not like to do this kind of thing.
Once I get in contact with the toy I have not been touching for a long time,
I will slowly recall that kind of playing feeling
You will not usually experience this kind of feeling normally.
For example, like clothes. When you bought it, there might be some incident,
but there's a memory of which you bought this together with your friend.
There are many things I collected in my brain,
just think that this are not only the presence of items.
Won't you feel pity for the items you randomly throw into the rubbish bin?


During my childhood, it was really popular collecting cards, stamps, etc. Although it was really popular, I have not done it before as life was rather hard at that time. Although I pretend that I was not interested, however, really, I really admire my friends who collected many cards. But I told him “I don’t have any interest in this kind of thing…” Despite there are idols who tried to hide their poor childhood, I did not hide mine specially. Although I felt ashamed letting others know my family situation and even wanted to hide it from my friends at that time. But now, I am facing it uprightly. Because I experienced it before, walking down the actor path now enable me to see everything clearly. Now, I put in even more passion into the idol path which I am walking.


I really like music. The first concert I went to watch was Korea’s Dream Concert. I went with my sister. Because I went there when I was in elementary school, I could not recall it clearly now. My deepest impression was that I held a white light stick with my sister and waved it hardly. But I could not really see the stage. Both of our seats were messed up with some other people, they got angry and we got reprimanded by them. Because that section was where yellow light stick holders were sitting. In Korea, we use different colour to separate fans. However, as time goes by, I went into the agency of that idol whose fans were holding onto yellow light stick. I don’t know if this is fate or what?


Although I will be asked “Who is the person you respect the most?”, “Which actor would you wish to become?”, however, I don’t answer them, I am sorry. I did not choose anyone specifically. Anyway, who set a rule whereby you must have a person you respect? You do not use your life to go beyond one’s thinking. I really hate it when I limit myself in a closet. I always look forward to see myself grow, so the only person I respect is always myself and only myself. I only believe in myself. My growing pace is still far and has never stopped before.


That’s because this is a secret, that’s why I am not going to say it. Hmm… But, because it’s you so I am going to say it this time.


In the past, I always do not know how actors or singers should practice.
In Korea, there are many people who think that singers who are able to control their high notes are powerful.
There is a short period of time where I also consider them as powerful too.
But now, I know that it does not represent all.
"In order to express your intention to others, you have to work hard to get emotionally involved to sing the song."
I believe that this is most important.

I am often being asked by others "What must you do to perform even better?"

Putting the lyrics or lines together and think yourself as the listener or viewer,
consider what you should do so that it will appeal to the audience.
After that, think of your own feeling and integrate into the song.

This is what I will do.

Upside Down

~Going back to the time where I was born, if I am a girl~

The lyrics above is '君色' special edited version.

If I was born as a girl...
Then I will debut in a girl group!
Just joking.
Although, boys often said that if they were born as a girl, they will think of doing this and that.
In fact, I do not wish to be a girl.
Being a male also makes me really happy.
As you will have the ability of protecting others.
If I can choose to reborn,
I will still choose male.
Because after which, I can still continue to protect you.


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable thank you for sharing this

sinthia said...

Even though I adore him so much,sometimes I just can't understand what he means. >.<
It could be he thinks so fast that he can't speak clearly? hahaha
I don't know,but he's adorable just the way he is. ^^
Loved to know these things about him, thanks to the fan who did the translation and thank you Liezle for sharing here!! I'll be anticipating the next part.

julie said...

"if i became sexy after i am drunk, you probably think that it will bother you..." I think all girls and women in this world will bother by that.. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

@8:36 I think its the translation lol hopefully

Xezona said...

he's an awesome person with great personality. Designer? wow :)
ThanKyu for the translation!

Sinthia said...

He got a role in a TV drama before debut? I really didn't know this. =0

Minnie is so adorable... knowing a bit more about his difficult times and seeing the fantastic person he has become, just make me love him more and more. <3

thanks for the translation. ^^

Anonymous said...

JM had the same start point as HJL in SS501.
I think JM had more advantages than HJL.
But the distance nowaday between the two is big.
So sad.

Anonymous said...

If you are sad because of their distance in sucess please dont cause timing and good planning is part of being sucess.JM had more advantages but HJL has more stamina and has foresight with his career pathway...that the only difference

ys said...

There are so many posts about HJL where you could praise HJL, why do you come to a JM post to kick him when he's down? What's the point?

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with ys @ 2.25 AM. At this point in time, it is very unfair to compare the so called "success" of the 2. Jung Min is by far much more talented and hard working, be it singing, djing, MCing; insight into the entertainment career path, how to achieve his ultimate goal and the perseverance. BUT, all I can say is Jung Min has never been lucky with his agencies. If you are a true Jung Min fan, you would understand the amount of hardship Jung Min has gone through. Jung Min is lacking "LUCK". Jung Min's vocal is deep, mellow, sexy, mesmerizing and sings with his heart. I have lots of confidence in Park Jung Min.

Anonymous said...

guys we're here to support SS501 members,i know each of them has different charms and talents but that's not means that we can argue bout who's lucky,who's hardworking,etc.everyone put a lot of efforts. so let's all pray the best for them :)

Anonymous said...

mal is a peaceful guy, our fandom is a peace one. mal love his' & we respect all other'
thanks @2.25 ys & 10:27am with the others for loving and defending him.
but may i ask you a favor - Can you please do Not create a subject or topic.
love him please DO do it in a way which can help him.
thanks for all

Anonymous said...

"because after which, I can still continue to protect you..." aaawwwwww.... that's the sweetest thing a girl would love to hear... Oh Min.. I'd dream everyday to be protected by you! <3

Ling said...

Jung Min heart is soft and romantic but he covers it with his fast and energatic moves. From the article we can see that he is a very sentimental and sensitive soul. It is true that he is perfect and the only thing that he lacks is LUCK. No matter how he tried and work hards, luck is always not on his side. This made me felt very sad and sympathy with him even though he got the appearance, looks, intelligent, talent and a caring heart. I hope his luck will change in the future and made him into a succesful person.

Anonymous said...

He always uses the word sexy. He doesn't conjure a sexy manly image. Rather a sexy vixen.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:14
Don't you know the sentence that there is no luck for those without effort? You don't need for saying luck abt their succeed or not. It's just excuse of loser. Don't make JM a loser.

Anonymous said...

'Sexy Charisma'...who named that? Wasn't it jungmin himself who liked to call himself that? @3:43 PM Agree with you, I could never see him as having a sexy manly image. Lol, sorry but his mannerism is quite effeminate so, yeah, more of a vixen. As for sexy, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Dear LiezIe, I like to read ur blog esp when i see the number of comments is high. It shows that there is a bickering of who is good, better, luckier..bla..bla is going on.
Hillarious. Dont stop guys. Keep the comments coming. So very insightful indeed. Lol

Anonymous said...

i don't know about lacking luck. i would say most of his voice and songs are good and has potential. even his videos are good.

however, there is something lacking that grabs people's attention for long. his movements are mostly the extension of arms and that finger wave. nothing exciting about it if you see him doing it oftentimes. his voice was best if coupled with the SS501 group because his voice stands out. but by himself, i feel bored by it. in fact it has a lulling effect.

the only word that comes to mind would be - lackluster(?).

with improvement, he will become an artist to reckon with. he has to capture people's attention.

i hope people view this as constructive criticism. not meant to put him down. so it is not about lacking luck but realigning his choices in songs, arrangement, etc.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more with you. At least a view with perspective. Luck has nothing to do with his success or failure. He is or has the second best voice next to young seng but individually there r many others who are much much better. There is no ummph in his performance. My opinion. Disagree ?? Well feel free to react.

Anonymous said...

best voice next to young seng is kim hyung jun and kim kyu jong. park jun min voice is to loud! but he songs is really good.

Anonymous said...

Worst still then...even his voice is not that good as compared to young seng, kyu and baby. So...luck has nothing to do with it guys. But still I sincerely wish him BEST OF LUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

2nd best voice in SS501? Nah, Baby's voice is better than him in my opinion. Perhaps 3rd, but as the anon above said, his voice may be powerful but it's too loud and perhaps no natural vibrato? As for Sweet-Kyu, well, he's on par with Leader, though I prefer the latter's voice, to be honest. Leader's voice may be light and raspy but the vibrato comes out effortlessly.
Then again, since going solo I should think all of them have managed to strengthen their individual singing technique. So I won't be surprised if they were to make a comeback they'd be able to portray a singing powerhouse, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that SS501 members singing together brings out the best melody. Individually, they lack the power. I remember there was one video where they were still training. JM was not around. The scene was shot in an athletic track. The four sang but the teacher said that JM's voice makes their tune more rounded, something to that effect. So i believe that all of them need each other.

Anonymous said...

Agree! I wish all 5 boys all the best in life and career. They may be different from one another but they all have talent. Since this is a JM post....I just hope his agency troubles end soon, and he join a good one that that will make him soar high.

urs said...

he said he like to read interior design magazine / books?

so, what I saw in his 'beautiful' MV (scene : his dancer read a magazine) is Livingetc Magazine? a magazine that focus in home & interior design? yeah.. that magazine is the best modern home & interior design magazine in London... (correct me if I wrong)..