Wednesday, September 05, 2012

S/Tweet Treats on the Roll from Young Saeng, Jung Min & Hyung Jun 09.04.12

Oh yeah, Young Saeng seems to be in a good mood this morning when he flew off to Jeju.  Our bedimpled cutie with pimple made me smile during my meeting this morning when I saw him tweeted photos of him with a bandaged nose to cover the pimple he pricked.

Ei, but despite the bandaged nose, Young Saeng still look cute and adorable, right?

Here are Young Saeng's sweet tweets as translted by @xiaochu1004 in Twitter .
mystyle1103 : An enormous pimple on the nose so I squeezed it while waiting.. TT

mystyle1103 : Arrived in Jeju island safely!! Took this during landing ke

mystyle1103 : boys over flowers? Keke

mystyle1103 : current weather in Jeju island~

mystyle1103 : I wanted to play properly today..was hit by a pitch & resting now TT

Jung Min who is debuting tomorrow in Japan and has been giving us sweet tweet treats for several days in a row tweeted this afternoon making us more anticipate his debut.

Here the translation of Jung Min's tweets courtesy of @xiaochu1004 over at Twitter.  Much thanks again!
JungMin0403 : Is there a hole in the sky...? What is the connection between rain and Romeo~? Be careful of the rain everyone.! Drive carefully!!

JungMin0403 : Where are you? I am still looking for you..if only..I can turn back time, then I won't love you like I not in your memory? Is there no such person as me in you? Trying to forget but no matter how hard I try, I still miss the thing about missing it just me..?

JungMin0403 : euuhuh~~~ turning a back on the touching sentiments...I must lend my body to Romeo once again...the bed is absorbing me together with Romeo...bye...

And about nine hours ago Hyung Jun tweeted this photo which seems to he is inside the radio station doing recording for Music High at 3:28 this afternoon.
HyungJun87 :


ys said...

"bedimpled cutie" -- Liezle you crack me up. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie^^ Please take care of your health YS and come out quickly to promote your album. We can't wait!

Anonymous said...

i miss these adorable cute too see everytime they tweets romeo..i really love your mv,it's breathtaking..ys,gud luck for your jap album ^^ and maknae,keep being cute :D

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng is so cute<3

Anonymous said...

Aww... they r so sweet and adorable. Reading all the tweets lately made me kinda miss Kyu too. Wonder where is he n how he is doing now?! Anyone has any idea?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading Saengie's tweets which reveal his lovely and witty personality. Love you Saengie! Please come back ASAP!!

Ling said...

@ Anon 12.46pm

Totally agreed with you. I always waiting for Seangie's tweet b'coz he's the mysterious yet charming guy in SS501. He doesn't talk if it is not necessary and certainly won't like to talk nonsense. That's why his tweets are always a surprise for me when he show what he thinks inside the brain.

Jung Min, Baby and Kyu tweets frequently about their lifestyle and has been norm to us to read their tweets about their happenings. It will be hard to extract that kind of thoughts from Seangie and Leader. Leader will tell if asked openly but Saengie needs a bit pushing and caoxing to tell the truth. So his tweets is the most awaiting to know his latest progression.

Anonymous said...

looks a little like Jung Il Woo

Anonymous said...

Very well said Ling and thanks. I'm so happy you feel the same and Saengie is really charming^^ He always gives me pleasant surprises, from his albums, acting, his remarks, everything .... always unique and has his own style. I love his personality and performance a lot!