Friday, September 07, 2012

[Media Pix] Hyung Jun in MCM Vogue Fashion Night Out 09.06.12

Yesterday Hyung Jun attended the 2012 Vogue Fashion Night out that was held at MCM store in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

Other stars who were at in attendance are Jay Park, SHINee's Key, BEAST's Jun Hyung and more.

Here is a set of  media photos  that I lifted from DataNews.

Following are from swsy blog.

Amongst the photos, I especially like the last one.  Hyung Jun is looking handsome in that one.  I wonder what is keeping him busy.  Could he be reading script for a new drama before the year ends?  I hope so. 


Anonymous said...

he looks handsome and mature on those pics. uri maknae >.<

Anonymous said...

THANKS for sharing.:) i miss baby so much.

Anonymous said...

That hairstyle is making him look old I think. Cordinoona, please do something about it, at least hide the forehead with bangs instead of that Taeyang/Jay Park kind of look. He doesn't seem to suit that and he is beginning to look even older than his hyunjoong hyung and yeongsaeng hyung.

Anonymous said...

i think kim hyung jun really want to look old! because people always call him baby,while he is 16 years old..he must be tired to to be called baby face.he suit black hair more which make him cute and young. i know he gonna change some day this hair color. but really i missing his old hair stile too.:( baby jun its feel like that you dont wanna be our baby anymore.:( anyway i love you glad personality more than you look. no matter how you look our which hair stile you have. i always still support you.

Anonymous said...

He looks old and the clothing is awful wish he go back to he's baby look!