Monday, September 17, 2012

[Pix & Vid] Young Saeng at Haneda Airport 09.17.12

Young Saeng will be starting his solo debut in Japan with an album entitled 'Overjoyed'. To prepare for the big step, Young Saeng left to day for Japan.

Here are photos of videos of Young Saeng taken by fans who were in Haneda to welcome the bedimpled cutie.

courtesy of @tatsuume's tweet

from the tweet of @tatsuume

taken from @kanaka501' s tweet

lifted form @kanaka501

from the tweet of @yurimao

taken from @okayu4ever's tweet

lifted from the tweet of @bestys1103 (this is from Gimpo)

courtesy of 's YouTube channel

courtesy of

courtesy of ' YouTube channel

Heaps of thank you to everyone who sent the links to YT and emailed the photos.


ys said...

It makes me smile whenever you refer to Young Saengie as the "bedimpled cutie."

Anonymous said...

bedimpled cutie still too shy..hehehe^^
I love saengie soooooooo much..

Anonymous said...

young saeng your smile is just so cute and lovely ^_^ my cute shy prince forever <333333

Anonymous said...

YS Bedimpled cutie, please take care. We'll forever support you, fighting!!