Tuesday, September 04, 2012

[Pix & Vid] Jung Min 'Give Me Your Heart'

This morning while in the midst of meeting I was checking my timeline and found that there was a lot of ROMEO related tweets which I found myself re-tweeting because I just so happen to like the photos from the album jacket. Dark Jung Min or shall I say ROMEO.

As I just got home, I really haven't found clear photos yet so I am posting here first these scanned photos that I lifted from the blog of makiko. Much much thanks for this and for sharing other related stuff about Jung Min especially in Japan.

Jung Min / ROMEO is set to debut in Japan and tomorrow is  the released of 'Give Me Your Heart'.  As these are set to happen, in Twitter right now, fans of Jung Min are trending #ROMEO.  Join in the fun if you may and celebrate as Jung Min brings the heartbeat of rock and roll. Likewise,  feel the story of ROMEO's song with sadness and passion.

Here is the official MV (long version) of 'Give Me Your Heart' released by VictorMusicChannel in YouTube.

Please DO NOT re-upload video in any other streaming sites including YouTube.  Watch only in this channel.  Like if you may.


Anonymous said...

Please show your love and support to our dear Minie... #ROMEO fighting!!!
P/s... the pics are sssoooooo HOOOTT!!! *q*

Anonymous said...

It's already past 12am 5/Sep in Japan therefore Victor Music had already released the official MV of Give Me Your Heart on their YouTube channel link>>
Please show your support to our JM! <3

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures and the song.
I want my copy send now.
JM miss him a lot.
Thanks liezle!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! The MV is breathtaking!!!! Min is so damn hot!!!!! *o*

ollee said...

JM looks skinny in the pictures. Hope he puts on a bit more weight. I like his mv and all the songs very much. JM, Hwaiting!!!