Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Photo] Young Saeng Inside a Studio Rehearsing

As Young Saeng gets ready for his upcoming solo concert in Japan someone took photo of him in a studio rehearsing with the set list of the songs he will be performing. Can you read what's on the photo?

It says that he will have 18 songs, 2 of which will be encore. Of course he will be showcasing songs from his first full Japanese album 'Overjoyed'.  On top of that he will have 4 sets of interaction with fans.  

Whoever will be in this concert will surely have a blast of a time, seeing and hearing Young Saeng perform.

Much thanks to cll_slam10 for re-tweeting the tweet of @3dcolordoobu.

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kelly said...

Thanks Liezle.

Saw it earlier and finally decipher most of it. He will be singing a few songs from SS501 days, FIND, Love Ya, All my Love and also a string of medley including Kokoro, Distance, LIVE! and one more, look like Lucky Days to me.

I think he is singing all his 1st Japanese album solo except for Timeless Love. What a waste. That sounds like a nice song.

And he is also singing his first solo Japanese song from SS501 time?

18 songs... not bad. Hope a DVD comes out of it.