Saturday, September 29, 2012

[Pix] Kyu Jong Sighting at Jaksal 09.28.12

Yahoo! We finally get to see how Kyu Jong look since his release from the 4-weeks mandatory military training and becoming a civil servant.  Thanks to fans who saw him at Jaksal Seochon and to Kyu Jong for giving them a chance to have photos with them.

Here are the two photos that I lifted from the tweet of @yann.

According to the tweet of @KimImmAme (thanks!) that @cll_slam10 re-tweeted Kyu Jong went with his manager and two other friends and did not meet up with Hyun Joong.


Anonymous said...

so nice of him ^^ this photo makes me really happy..miss him so much ;)

Anonymous said...

he looks great and sexy as hell!!

Anonymous said...

Did he miss his hyung? so sweet of him :)