Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quick Read ^_^

Are we in a long 'drought'? I really hope that we are not because, it is more tiring to wait, right?

Honestly, much as I wanted to blog, it is  difficulty to do so because there are only bits and pieces of things that are coming out,  I hope that this so called 'drought' will only be a short one.   I hope that in the days to come we will get new updates about Hyun Joong's 'City Conquest', Young Saeng's upcoming debut in Japan, another letter from Kyu Jong, announcement of Hyung Jun's new project and Jung Min's Japan activities.

Today though, let me shove here few stuff that I got from Twitter just to get this blog of mine moving.

I was a bit excited when I saw Steven Lee (@RealStevenLee) tweeted something about Young Saeng.  In his tweet he wrote:
RealStevenLee :D-7 "Over joyed" by my bro YS. Get ready everyone in Japan!! :) 

Which only means that there will only be seven more days to go for us to wait for Young Saeng's Japanese full album entitled 'Overjoyed' launching.

This afternoon, those who often check their Facebook you will now see B2M in the very popular network as B2M nnounced that that they have opened an official FB account for their artists in which they will be sharing photos, videos and latest information.  You may click HERE to check it out.

And to end this post, let me share this photo nice of Jung Min that I lifted from the tweet of of @BlackRose50101.  I think those who follows Jung Min will know that this photo is from STYLISH BOOK.

Btw, if you miss the one minute video of the photo shoot of Jung Min for STYLISH BOOK that I posted earlier, you may click HERE. And if you want to own one you may click HERE (in Japanese though).


Anonymous said...

i'm fulfilling my craving for hyun joong through your sidebar videos. miss him sooooo.

liezle said...

Hello 8:41.

Glad that the sidebar is of you to you. Thank you for visiting and leaving your footprints.


Anonymous said...

hope there will be something exciting coming soon to quench my thirst and end the draught...stay positive! thanks Liezle for the hardworking^^

tetsu_girl said...

what a beautiful pic of JM <3

thank you for continually searching for, collecting, and sharing SS501 news, Liezle! what would we do without you! <3

Anonymous said...

I watched their 2005 presentation with other singing groups. They look so uncoordinated and awkward. Still, they rocked on and had fun. Spirit of SS501. So funny.