Sunday, September 16, 2012

S/Tweet Treat from Jung Min 09.15 & 16.12

Whoa! Finally Jung Min tweeted and gave us some updates with his photos.

Today, 15th of September Jung Min posted photos on his Twitter account. One taken with the sea at the background and the other one he is holding an abalone.

Here are the translation of Jung Min's s/tweets courtesy of @xiaochu1004 shared on Twitter. Bunch of thanks!

JungMin0403 : I'm going for an urgent trip~~~!!!!! Go!!!!!!

JungMin0403 : Gasps! The day is so!...Clear!!!^~^;;;

JungMin0403 : At a place overlooking the sea!! Where is this place~??!^~^

JungMin0403 : Received abalone!

Jung Min's s/tweets were caught by Newsen and can be read HERE.


Today, Jung Min tweeted anew. Not sure though if he still is in Jeju but he tweeted a very familiar photo of him inside a chapel that was used many times in dramas.

Here is the tweet translation courtesy of @xiaochu1004 in Twitter.

JungMin0403 : last hint~~~!!


Anonymous said...

cute ^_^

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! JM is in tweeting spree again!!! My heart beats like mad whenever he does that. <3

Anonymous said...

Is me only that feeling Min is looking younger by the day? ^^ But he seriously needs to put on some weight. :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah. He looks great in the new hairstyle and I do agree with Anon @ 11:09. He is too skinny and have to eat more.