Monday, September 17, 2012

S/Tweet Treat of Jung Min 09.17.12

Ooppsie, forgot to hit the publish button. ^_^ Should have been posted much earlier.

Jung Min went on a tweeting spree very early in the morning today (about 14 hours ago already). According to his tweet he is already back in Seoul.  That's really nice to hear because the typhoon hit Jeju this morning.

Here is translation of Jung Min's sweet tweets for today, again courtesy of @ xiaochu1004 shared in Twitter.
JungMin0403 : Fell asleep suddenly so here's the answer now!!! Fortunately returned back just a little before the typhoon came!!!!! The outline is exactly the same so I was surprised!!!

JungMin0403 :Going into the utility room where there is a huge fridge in it, JumRye ran there before me, showing the 'please give me' expression...! But..No~! Because you are fat~!!

JungMin0403 : in the end, I drank one yakult and got attacked by JumRye.


Anonymous said...

So cuteeee both the daddy & the "daughter"!!!! And JumRye sure grew a lot. I'm sure daddy sure took cared of her well. :)

Anonymous said...

awwww... eennvvyy... wish I'm JumRye. :P

ys said...

Pure joy on daddy's face.

Anonymous said...

I think Min is going to be a superb daddy next time. It was already confirmed in "SS501 Big Mama". :)