Saturday, September 29, 2012

[Vid] Hyung Jun Gives Chuseok Greetings

Long weekend in Korea started as everyone gets ready for  Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving Festival. This celebration is one of the most important festivals in Korea. Koreans celebrate the festival as a three-day-holidays starting from the day before until the day after Chuseok. For 2012, Chuseok falls on Sunday, 30th September 2012. Korean Thanksgiving holiday starts from Saturday, 29th September 2012 until Monday, 1st October 2012.

For the past days, there have been many stars giving their Chuseok greetings. One of them is Kim Hyung Jun who greeted fans via S-Plus portal. There were also several articles about his greetings.

Here is a video of Hyung Jun lifted from the YouTube channel of .  Thanks!

The greeting was posted on his official website on th 27th of September.

Hyung Jun said 'Chuseok which is Korea's biggest holiday is approaching. I'm so happy. The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about Chuseok is songpyeon [songpyeon (송편), a crescent-shaped rice cake which is steamed upon pine needles]. I hope you make songpyeon, eat delicious food and have conversation with your family this Chuseok.'

He also went on saying that becasue of the recent typhoon, many farmers are having difficuly. He hopes that everything will be back to normal soon. He also said that he will pray for everyone to have a good time with their family.

Lastly, he said that he hopes everyone will spend Chuseok holiday by helping and loving people. He ended his greeting with 'Have a nice holiday.'

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